Sunday, June 9, 2013

TV at 2am...promoting adultery

So, it's almost 2am and I'm half-sitting, half- lying down on the couch, partially watching TV while preparing promo posts and some other stuff on the computer. In essence, there really is nothing on TV at 2am, but 2 things have caught my attention during the last commercial break.

1. There are a lot of aliens and spirits and scary under the bed, programs- or at least they advertise them more at this late hour. It gives me the hibidibijeevies.

2. My jaw fell a little slack when I saw the advertisement for a company called Ashley Madison which offers online dating services... to people who are already married! They're slogan is "Life is short. Have an affair."

Though I had already heard of the company (a few years ago, there was a huge commotion in Spain because the company used a picture of the Spanish King (along with one of Bush and Clinton) to advertise their business. -Here's the picture of the billboard-) I was shocked.

As a woman in love with love, enamored with romance and HEA's, the idea of a company that promotes adultery...well, not my cup of tea.
This is the TV ad, if you'd like a glimpse.:

I'd  love to hear your thoughts! What do you think of the ad? Companies like Ashley Madison? Do you ever watch TV at 2am? Ever see anything interesting?


  1. Know what's really exciting? Getting shot by your lover's spouse.

    Even if a person has a total lack of morals, self-preservation should kick in. People get the lowest jail time for crimes of passion.

    1. *shiver* it's a dangerous game what some people play at. I agree with you some crimes are not sufficiently punished.

  2. Si ya de por sí la televisión es mala de cojones a esas horas ni te cuento, y mas aun en domingo. Mejor ponte algún buen disco de fondo (me han dicho que el último de HIM está bastante bien) o cualquier otra cosa antes que la tele, que ya ha perdido su valor hasta de acompañamiento de fondo.

    En cuanto al anuncio de Ashley Madison ¿Una empresa que promueve los mas bajos instintos y alienta la inmoralidad a cambio de dinero? que novedad XD. Hoy en día se puede sacar negocio de todo y, ya ves, el adulterio y las infidelidades ofrece mucha cancha a las empresas sin escrúpulos (al menos morales).

    1. El ultimo de HIM esta bien dependiendo de con que discos los compares. No es tan terrible como el Dark Light pero dista lejos, muy lejos, de Razorblade Romance. Aun asi, podria ser peor.

      Y estoy de acuerdo contigo: hoy en dia se saca negocio de todo.

      Por cierto, perdona por los acentos pero estoy escribiendo desde un ordenador con teclado configurado en EEUU y no tengo ni idea como se ponen xD


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