Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spanish Diversion: #SexySnippets and #8Sunday

Joyous Sunday!

How is everyone? Today's sentences belong to my just released m/m romance Spanish Diversion! Yep, the one I've been sharing sentences from for the last two weeks. Gone is the Coming Soon sign and in its stead I give you a yummy cover! *grin*

As for what's brought you here, the sentences, well, I'm still going to share a tid-bit from the beginning of the novel. If you remember, last week Shane had just woken up in a strange bed to the sound of someone singing Jennifer Lopez. I've skipped a few lines and now, he's redressed and ready to bolt out the door...

#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences 


He ignored the call. Ignored the way his name sounded so sexy laced in that deep tone and adorned with a Spanish accent. Relief filled him as he managed to slide the front door’s lock and lunge out of there before things became complicated. Ignoring his body’s protest, he raced down a flight of stairs and almost ran over an old woman as he stumbled into bright sunlight and dizzying heat.

He wanted to go back inside into the air-conditioned apartment, into bed and away from the blistering heat of Madrid at the beginning of July. Why had he left his sunglasses at home last night?

Ever since his last boyfriend labeled him as predictable and boring, Shane has gone out of his way to demonstrate that he’s not. He’s moved to Spain, taken a job as an English teacher and decided that partying all night long is going to be his thing. Fun first is his new motto, regardless of what his heart has to say about it after meeting Alejandro.

After leaving his bed without even a goodbye, Alejandro thought he’d never see the sexy American again, so when he reappears in his life he can hardly believe his luck. With a chemistry between them that is off the charts, he wants something more than just a night of passion.

 Shane insists he just wants to party but Alejandro is determined to make him see that, together, they can have much more than just fun.

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  1. Terrific cover, just right for the story! Enjoyed today's excerpt although I think he's running away from a very good thing!

    1. Thanks Veronica! Yep, he just doesn't realize it yet :-)

  2. I love this story! Super sexy and sweet!

  3. Very nice...oh, the cover too :)

  4. Great job conveying action in this scene. :-)

  5. It seems that Shane doesn't really know what he wants. This escape was funny.


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