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Wednesday Brief: Your hump day dose of flash fiction

Happy Wednesday! I'm back today with another installment of Little Luna. You can read earlier chapters at the Wednesday Brief tab above.

However, if you prefer a quick reminder of where we left off, here goes: Mikelo and Clare were arguing in the woods about a blood promise made during their childhood. Clare is  bound to Mikelo whether she wants to or not and Mikelo reminds her that either she obeys her promise or she will die.

I had trouble fitting in one of this weeks prompts but in the end went with: "He had to chuckle when he saw..."

Little Luna (4)

At that moment, Mikelo hated himself. After weeks of exchanging mails, of wooing her in the old-fashioned sense, preparing her to come with him, he had, after all, to resort to the threat of death. He swallowed the sigh jammed in his throat and stared at Clare. Her plump lips trembled as she fought to restrain back her desperate sobs. Black eyeliner ran down her cheeks, mingling with the silent tears that beseeched him to understand. Yet, even through her pain, he still found her beautiful. His fists clenched at his side. The idea of touching her again, of threading his fingers in her dark locks and soothing her pain was almost overwhelming. Almost.

He’d already made that mistake once. He wouldn’t slip again, there were too many things at play and allowing feelings to surface could prove deadly. Besides, as his father so kindly liked to remind him every other day: emotions were for the weak. He was a Feardorka. He was a warrior. A leader.


Her soft pleading voice was barely above a whisper. His heart hammered in his chest and his nails bit into his palm.  His gaze turned cooler and his mouth became a thin line as he forced himself to recall his purpose. It was either his life or hers.

“No.” He said the single word loudly, harshly, more to convince himself than her. There was no turning back. 


“Do you remember the bonding ritual, little one?”

Mikelo smiled dryly as abruptly Clare’s tears ceased. Oh, yes. She remembered all right.

“How could I forget?” Her luminous red rimmed gaze met his fully, defiantly. He had to chuckle when he saw the brave little girl that had tumbled into his home almost twenty years ago resurface. In his mind, he clearly saw the first time he laid eyes on her.

Mikelo hid behind the drape. His eyes widened as the two soldiers brought the unknown creature to his father. She was small, probably a few years younger than him. Yet, her eyes were clear of tears, her gaze proud and fearless as his father questioned her. Mikelo was fascinated.

“How did you come here, creature.”

“I don’t know.”

Her voice was barely a whisper but it made goose bumps appear on his flesh regardless. She’d tumbled through a portal. He was certain that was how she'd arrived. His governess insisted that the planet with the white moon, yellow sun and blue water had died. That their own greedy and selfish inhabitants had destroyed it. However, right before his eyes was a breathing specimen from that century old planet. She was beautiful. With her dark hair and luminous eyes, she deserved to be put on a shelf to be contemplated for eternity. Panic threatened to consume him as he heard the short conversation between the girl and his father. The death sentence was ushered and the girl was dragged away, crying. Clear tears, so different from the red ones running down his cheeks. Beautiful. He couldn’t let her die. He couldn't.

After more than twenty years she was still beautiful.

“Do you remember the words?”

“Yes. Though, I have tried hard to forget.”

“Tell me the words.”

Her eyes narrowed. “No.”

Anger hit him like the cruel lash of a whip. That was an emotion widely permited in his realm. Anger made you strong. Roughly, he grabbed her and tilted her head so she was forced to stare into his eyes.

“Tell me.”


Mikelo blinked. Why? Because he wanted to hear them again, because he wanted her to remember the bond they had forged. Because he felt like it.

“Say them.”


Mikelo growled and for an instant saw a flash of fear on Clare’s eyes. He’d had enough with these silly games. He understood her fear. He truly did. She wasn’t a Feardrako. She was human and he’d spent enough time on the planet to know that unlike his people, it was feelings what drove the so called lesser beings. Her blue gaze kept him prisoner and he fonud himself softening his hold on her chin.

“In this cell, on this night we become one." Her eyes widened, searching his face. "I drink what you drink. I eat what you eat. I see what you see. I feel what you feel." He moved closer, until her scent wrapped around him like a master's collar over his pet. "On this night, we share the blood, essence of life, and become bonded for life,” he whispered the final words, his fingers sliding over her smooth flesh until he cupped her cheek.

“Mikelo, please.”

She leaned into his touch. Conciously? The bond was there and there was no way around it. She could beg and fight all she wanted. They had lost enough time. Grounding his teeth together he easily lifted her off her feet and slung her over his shoulder. 

“No,” she cried out in alarm and surprise.

“I’ve tried being nice, Little Luna, but I’ve grown tired of your foolishness. I don’t know how you humans treat your promises here, but in my world they’re serious matters.”

To be continued...

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  1. ooh, Luna's got a problem - how is it going to be solved. Guess I have to wait.

  2. the vow was beautiful. If Clare doesn't want him I'll have him Just sayin' :)

  3. Wow, I can really feel things between these two coming to a head. And I completely believe in Mikelos's enthrallment with his exotic Luna. :)


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