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T'n'T's Confidential: Tali Spencer *Giveaway*

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Party won't start until Saturday (I've got some more nifty gifts ready for you guys, hehehe) but meanwhile today I also have something very special... visiting author Tali Spencer! 

Tali is under the spotlight sharing what it's like to write a sensual story and giving away a copy of her recent release  Dangerous Beauty.  Read on to learn how to win!

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Welcome to A Dream Beyond, Tali! 

Writing The Sensual Story

Thanks, Elyzabeth, for letting me visit. On this visit I’m also offering a copy of my new M/M release, Dangerous Beauty, to one of the commenters on this post.

 People ask me sometimes how I write lush and evocative prose. After I finish blushing and drawing circles on the floor with my foot, I explain that I use all the senses. One of my favorite editing tricks is to go through the story and find places where a sense doesn’t deliver a needed punch. My favorite images, however, are almost always visual.

In my newest release, Dangerous Beauty, the second of my Uttor series set in a world not terribly unlike our own in historical times, the very first sentences invoke an image upon which the main character, Endre, is understandably fixated. I give the reader exactly what Endre is seeing and—because he’s the POV character—his response reveals a great deal about him.

Endre Kordeun touched his tongue to his lips as he watched the brown-skinned man’s cock rear above muscular thighs like a cobra ready to spit. He had never seen a cock so beautiful. Long fingers as regal as the man who owned them stroked the monster, displaying it with the casual confidence of one who knew he would be admired.

Readers soon learn Endre doesn’t think of himself as gay. In fact, his religion and family would condemn him if he were. But the reader is already onto the truth about Endre’s sexual attraction to other men. It’s there in the details, how much he notices about another man’s cock, and also about the other man himself. As it happens, the man being described is the other hero of the book, Arshad. Both men are about to embark on a journey of danger and discovery.

Later, after a bout of lovemaking, Endre reawakens to all his senses and pulls these impressions together:

The air smelled of sex and men and, oddly, of books. Endre moved a stiff arm, surprised to find himself on a hard surface, a rug on the floor, clasped against another body by a loose, muscular arm. He was naked, and as he twisted his hips, a telltale soreness in his thighs and ass brought back a rush of memories he found astounding. The domed ceiling overhead displayed celestial designs and equations that made his mind soar. He and Arshad lay at the exact center of the room, beneath a golden sun conceived by an artist and ringed by glimmering heavenly realms.
How egotistical, he thought. Though it was true he felt himself the center of the universe.

The scene utilizes the senses and weaves them into things the reader already knows: that Arshad is a celestial mathematician, Endre is an excellent observer of the universe and everything around him, and the two men believe in something few in their world believe, that their world circles the sun.

I see the world as beautiful and elegant, even when it’s horrifying or dangerous, and I hope my readers enjoy the journeys on which I take them. Dangerous Beauty is one of those journeys. The novel continues the story begun in Captive Heart, a M/F romance involving Endre’s sister Julissa and the Uttoran emperor Gaspar, both of whom have cameos in this book.

Once the Kordeun family ruled Sebboy…now they are imperial captives of the Uttoran Emperor. Devout and studious, Endre Kordeun loves his family and will do anything to free them, even if that means pretending he’s gay so he can pass messages to his father’s shady allies. With his golden good looks and a beautiful male courtesan posing as his lover, Endre finds Uttor’s decadent society more than willing to believe his ruse.

But when a passionate kiss from a dark, gorgeous man unlocks feelings Endre had been hiding even from himself, lies start to unravel. Arshad, prince of Tabar, is Endre’s match in every way…including a shared love for science and celestial mechanics. Going forward with his charade will be dangerous, and not only because he might be discovered. In that event, even his own father would kill him. How much is Endre willing to risk for love?


Footsteps sounded on the gravel path, stopped, waited. Someone was there, listening for sure and maybe watching. His guard should have interrupted; Yanni surely would have. This had to be someone else. Frozen by indecision, Endre allowed Arshad’s lips to continue their artful assault. Sweep by sweep, those firm lips commanded his and he resisted less than he should have, kissing back, teeth on teeth, tongues warring as he fought for control. One of them would soon have to breathe and he broke first, throwing his head back, gasping for air. With a triumphant growl, Arshad began pressing hot kisses along the column of his exposed throat.

“Oh, Prophets!” Endre gasped. Overhead, moonlight spilled through the tangle of vines. He turned his head to the right and saw Arshad’s knotted hand manacling his wrist. Dense hair crushed against his cheek, the man’s mouth hot on his collarbone. His cock, already hard enough to be uncomfortable, stiffened painfully against his trousers and he groaned with need and discomfort from the now tight cock cuff.

Arshad ceased his kisses and slammed his body forcefully against him. “Everything you want,” he said, “I can give it to you. Every…fucking…thing.” Those powerful thighs ground his pelvis against Endre’s, rolling cock against stiff cock.

“Damn it, stop,” Endre grated, barely a whisper. Was their watcher still there? He didn’t even know. Worse, he no longer cared. His cock was on a rampage, straining against the cuff secured around his shaft and balls. He jammed his hips forward, pushing back, increasing the contact and the pleasure.

“Not on your life. You’ve been asking for this for weeks. This is what you’re here for, what you need. Not someone small and soft. You want it large and hard.” Arshad bent his head near again, lips brushing his ear, and murmured, “Say it, princeling. Let them hear you say you want it.”
That big hard cock was grinding against his now, creating such sweet friction he knew he would never last. Endre groaned against his clenched teeth. His head sagged forward, bumping Arshad’s shoulder, golden hair spilling across midnight velvet. He was on the fucking edge.

“Say it.” That dark voice vibrated softly beside his ear.

No, he wouldn’t do it. He wasn’t going to say it, no matter what his damn cock was feeling. He shook his head.

“Stubborn,” Arshad grunted. Taking the edge of Endre’s ear between his teeth, he gently bit.

Dangerous Beauty is available at Resplendence Publishing and also at AllRomance.

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  4. This is a wonderful story Tali and if someone were to look up sensual writing in the dictionary they would find you there. Endre and his brother who was rescued during Captive Heart are two of my favorite characters. Both stories are artfully written and once you start you cannot put them down. I am looking forward to reading the published versions.

  5. What a great excerpt!

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  8. Dangerous Beauty was the first m/m story I ever read 'cover to cover' so to speak. It was part of a story series that holds a very special place in my heart, as Tali is very aware (she received many emails from me, lol).

    I am so excited to see it published (along with the other Uttor stories)!!!


  9. I loved the premise and the excerpt!

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  10. I loved the premise and the excerpt!

  11. having loved Captive Heart, I'm looking forward to Dangerous Beauty. Interesting that you open the book with Endre but you barely mention him in CH. I would have expected book 2 to be about Petra, but I suppose that might be too easy for you. ;)

    As this is still on my list to get, I'll toss my name in the hat to see if I win.

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  14. Hi everyone. Judi did make it in, so I'm conducting the drawing right now. And the winner is #6, Anonymous known as strive4bst!

    I'll be contacting the winner with their book. Still hunting a free copy? I'm conducting another giveaway on Tuesday at LaBelle Books and holding a giveaway right now on my blog. Thanks for taking part and another big thank you to Elyzabeth for hosting me. :D


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