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T'n'T's Confidential: Antonia Van Zandt

Welcome to the last T'n'T's Confidential of February! (Where has time gone?!) Today I have the pleasure of introducing author Antonia Van Zandt and her paranormal release Vienna Valentine!

On a hot summer’s night in Vienna, wolves dream of passion...

Escaping from a disastrous marriage, Nina comes to stay with friends in Vienna for a much-needed holiday. Love is the last thing she’s looking for, but when she sees the hot couple in the apartment below making love on their balcony, she can’t take her eyes off them. When they invite her to join them for a night of pleasure, how can she refuse? Captivated by the handsome, seductive Karl, Nina agrees and has the hottest sex of her life. It’s just supposed to be a bit of fun. A one-night stand.

But one night of passion with this gorgeous, mysterious man is not enough. There’s something unusual about him. But what is his secret? And why won’t he let her look at him when they make love? When she finally learns the truth, Karl’s life hangs in the balance, and Nina must leave, never knowing if she’ll ever see him again…

Strictly for broadminded adults only, Vienna Valentine is available from

Welcome Antonia!  Vienna Valentine is your most recent release… tell us about it:

Nina, who is staying with friends in Vienna to recover from a broken romance, is stunned to find a beautiful couple making love in broad daylight on the balcony of an apartment below hers.  Mesmerised and aroused, she continues to watch them until they discover her. Then they send her an invitation to join them for an evening of lust and passion. There she meets the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes on – Karl – and a passion is born. But Karl has a secret. He’s a werewolf and Nina must decide if she can handle all that entails.

The one thing you enjoyed the most while working on Vienna Valentine was…

Mm, that’s a difficult one. The story pretty much wrote itself, so the whole experience was enjoyable.  I think I fell in love with Karl a little. He is gorgeous, after all!

You’ve chosen to write Paranormal Erotic/Romantic Fiction. Why?

I have always been interested in the paranormal and I’m a romantic, so the combination was irresistible. The eroticism kind of snuck in there as a natural expression of my characters’ desires.

When did you start writing and why?

Many years ago because I’ve always been quite solitary. I spent a lot of time alone as a child and used to make up stories to amuse myself. Mind you, they were very different to those I write now!

What do you like best about writing?

I love entering different worlds and meeting new characters.

Are you a pantser or a plotter?

Pantser, with minor plotter tendencies. I start with a basic, vague outline and a couple of characters. Then it’s up to them what happens – within reason! A first line usually presents itself to me and the story develops from there.

Where does your inspiration come from? Have you ever used any personal experience in your plots?

Very often the backdrops – in this case, Vienna – are from personal experience, but the characters and situations are all from my imagination.

What are you currently working on?

A story called, ‘Freya’s Choice’, The Freya in question is actually a major Norse goddess. It’s in its very early stages so I can’t say too much about it. Except it will be paranormal, romantic and erotic. Oh, and there’s an absolutely gorgeous guy in it. Mark Latimer (pauses to swoon).



Lord Frederick Leighton’s ‘Elegy’.
I could mention one I own but no one would know it, as it’s on my wall! So I shall say Lord Frederick Leighton’s ‘Elegy’. There’s something about her expression.

Domestic animal (pet)

Cats – I have a houseful!

Music band

Falco – he died tragically young but I still love to hear his music. He’s probably best known for ‘Rock Me Amadeus’, but my favourite is ‘Out of the Dark’.


Sunny spring mornings when you can smell the dew on new leaves and fresh grass

Historical moment

For artistic and creative reasons, I think it would have been great fun to live in Vienna in around 1900. Of course, you would need to have money but I would have loved to meet the great artists of the Jugendstil period and the Secessionists. Klimt must have been fascinating. I would probably have fallen in love with him. A lot of ladies did!

Vienna Valentine is out now!!

You can connect with Antonia here:


  1. Thank you so much for hosting me today, Elyzabeth!

  2. Great interview Antonia! I'm a panster / little bit of a plotter too...I just don't like figuring it ALL out before I write the story - no fun in that!


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