Saturday, April 25, 2020

Weekend Writing Warriors from A Tempest of Passion #shifters #regencyromance

Happy Sunday, everyone!

How are you all holding up? I'm doing well, though working more on the day job than usual and finding little time to write.

In any case, today I'm sharing a snippet from an oldie: A Tempest of Passion.

Enjoy! Stafe Safe!

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Careless of manners, Emily sank back onto the window bench. Suddenly, she did feel poorly––her heart beat too fast, and her hands were cold and clammy. Emily stared at Mr. Dalton as he straightened his posture. She shivered. William Dalton was by no means the most handsome man she had ever set eyes on … but there was something about him that unnerved her. 
“Thank you, Gertrude,” she said, finding her voice at last. “Close the door.”
“But, Ms. Bunsbury––”
Emily resisted the urge to roll her eyes. When would they learn that she was past her prime?
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A Tempest of Passion

Emily Bunsbury is most definitely not a fainter. She prefers to leave that sort of shenanigans to young debutants and to those desperate to land a husband. She is neither.

Except last night she passed out and was rescued by none other than the town’s most eligible bachelor: William Dalton. Of course, she wants nothing to do with him, but her heart and body don’t seem to be in agreement…
Banished from his pack for a crime he did not commit, William Dalton does not have the desire or the time to court women, yet, when he meets Emily Bunsbury he is incapable of staying away. Certain that it is nothing more than a passing fancy and not the mating pull, he pursues her.
However, as the unknown threat that expelled him from his pack strikes again, William realizes that Emily means much more and he must keep her safe. Now, if only she’d agree to his terms…
As danger grows with each passing day, will the couple learn to trust each other or will their love be nothing more than a temporary tempest of passion?
Available at: Evernight Publishing ~~ Bookstrand ~~ ~~ 


  1. Sounds like he's most interested than she believes.

  2. Famous last words -- When would they learn that she was past her prime?

  3. Sometimes women see themselves still younger. Oh well!

  4. Ooh! I love it when two strong people come together without any outside filters.

  5. Interesting scene, although of course it'll no doubt get even more intense once the door's closed LOL. Enjoyed the snippet!

  6. Ooh how she's going to get sucked in to this! I can't wait to read more!

  7. Love the eye roll at the end! Haha, great visual.

  8. She seems to know what she wants

  9. You're never too old and I think she's on her way to figuring that out.

  10. Love that last line. I'm very intrigued by the blurb.

  11. I love in the blurb where it says that her head and body don't seem to be in agreement.

    Great snippet! :-)

  12. Charmaine Gordon May 3, 2020 at Ten:55 a.m.

    She wants him to leave but it seems like he is going nowhere. Well done.


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