Saturday, December 28, 2019

Food coma ~ Weekend Writing Warriors Snippet from Weekend Magic #holidayread

Dear Readers and Author friends, Happy Holidays! This is the last post of 2019! I know I’ve been missing for a few months now, (sadly the second half of 2019 hasn’t been kind to me), but I hope to return with consistency in 2020.

Today’s snippet is from my latest release,Weekend Magic (A Christmas Realm Tale), and it’s kind of how I feel New Year’s is going to go down food-wise. 😜Enjoy !

Happy New Year to everyone and may 2020 bring us lots of good things! ❤️

“A music band set up their instruments on the stage while guests finished their meals. Fairy lights hung from the wooden rafters giving the atmosphere a magical glow. The smell of grilled meat mingled with cotton candy and the fresh breeze coming from the open doors.

Mia chewed on her last bite appreciating the rich texture, before placing her cutlery down and leaning back against her chair. She set her hands atop her belly.

“I believe I’m going to go into food coma.”

Karnon chuckled.

“You better not. We still have a long night ahead of us.”

Excerpt From
Weekend Magic
Elyzabeth M. VaLey
This material may be protected by copyright.

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No-strings-attached sensual fun in an exotic new world? Yes, please!

When Mia Ert gets an invitation to the Annual Christmas Tree Convention which takes place in August, the last thing she expects is for it to be at the North Pole in a place called the Christmas Realm, where every fairy tale creature she thought was mere fantasy is actually real. Convinced it’s a dream, she decides to make the most of it, especially when she meets her guide, Karnon.

Surely, a weekend of passionate lovemaking with a fiery human wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Elk shifter Karnon was only supposed to act as Mia’s guide into the magic of his world for a few hours, but when the sexy human starts to flirt with him, who is he to resist? After all, they told him to make her feel welcome, so he’s going to make sure she gets everything she wants, including a few mind blowing orgasms.

With both of them on the same page, nothing can go wrong. Except, will forty-eight hours be enough to satisfy them both?

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  1. Sounds like the beginning of a promising evening!

  2. That sounds like good times are ahead. :-)

    Sorry you've had such a challenging time of it. Better things ahead in 2020! Happy New Year, Elyzabeth!

  3. A nice holidayish scene, good music, good food, happy companions...enjoyed the snippet! Sorry to hear 2019 was stressful, sending good wishes for 2020.

  4. Loved the imagery!

    Hope you have a better less stressful 2020!

  5. I bet I know what he's got on his mind for the rest of the evening! If so, it should be a wonderful end to the day!

  6. Welcome back Elyzabeth! The premise of this book sounds quite intriguing, and you made me hungry.
    Like you, I've had a rough years--injuries in my case, though nothing life-threatening, just mobility-threatening. One thing I could always do, though, was sit and write. I blurted out a lot of words this year, so I guess that's the silver lining.

  7. It's definitely the right time of year for a food coma. Enjoyed the excerpt!


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