Wednesday, December 14, 2016

"Would you like to be at my mercy?"-- #MidWeek Tease: Out of the Ordinary #Christmas #LGBT #erotic #Shifters

Happy Hump Day, lovelies!

It's less than 12 days until Christmas! woot! Today I'm sharing from another one of my holiday stories, Out of the Ordinary.

This story  has loads of Christmas magic, shifters, a male/male romance, a polyamorous relationship and some sexy BDSM. 


With three days before Christmas, will Bill and his herd be able to convince the solitary reindeer shifter, Dolph, to stay with them forever?

When twenty-two year old Dolph arrives in Christmas town, he only intends to stay for a few days, especially with his secret in tow. However, when Bill and his herd turn up for the contest that will choose Santa's next sled pullers, he can't bring himself to leave. With his heart hanging on a line and his feelings for Bill evolving swiftly, Dolph will have to decide if he wants to join the herd or continue his life as a solitary shifter.

At first sight, Bill's herd meets societal convention, but on closer inspection, the team of eight doesn't exactly follow the rules. When Bill meets Dolph and his body and soul react to him in ways that are out of the ordinary, Bill knows that he must have the young reindeer in his life. With the help of his herd, a plan develops. Yet, with only three days before Christmas Eve, will they be able to convince the younger shifter to stay with them forever?

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Now, onward to the hot little tease!! 
"Don't play with me, little lamb. You could get burned." He wrapped his hand around Dolph's hair and
tugged hard, making him flinch. "I want more. Much more. I want to tie you up and fuck you. Would you like that, little lamb? Would you like to be at my mercy?"
Dolph still didn't respond. His inquisitive fingers continued to explore Bill's face, as if marveling at what he saw there. Bill ran his fingers through Dolph's hair and reached for his ass. Gripping it tightly, he drew Dolph against his groin, hoping to fuel the young man's arousal further. 
"You'd look beautiful in ropes, suspended from the ceiling, a cock ring firmly in place," he whispered against Dolph's lips. "Would you like that, Dolph?" Bill held his breath, waiting for an answer. If Dolph didn't say yes, he would go mad.
Slowly, Dolph blinked. His azure gaze bore into Bill's as he nodded once.
Bill shook his head. "Say it. I need you to be vocal about your needs, little lamb."
"I want to be at your mercy, Bill." He curled his fingers at the nape of Bill's neck. "I want you to fuck me, to tie me up and make me yours in any way you want. I've never done this before, but I want it." His voice trembled as he pressed his lips to Bill's. "It feels so right."

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