Sunday, December 11, 2016

Slow is good sometimes-- Reine's Salvation (Alpha Protectors) #8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors #paranormal #romance

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

The holidays are fast approaching! Today I'm going to share the last snippet from Reine's Salvation and then next week I'll switch to something more holiday themed. *wink* 

To warm you up, I've chosen a hot little snippet.

Enjoy and have a lovely day!

 *This snippet has been edited to keep to guidelines.

PS: Reine's Salvation is receiving some awesome reviews! TBR Pile gave it 4 stars, "A Highly Recommended read" (read it here)!  Author Amy Braun also read and reviewed it: "
It was everything I expected and then some, with a great story, great dialogue, and truly great character development." Make sure to check out her review here and her Sunday snippet too! 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Slow is good sometimes,” she said, demonstrating by deliberately slowly licking the seam of his lips. Reine moaned. She pushed him back onto the couch and straddled his lap. His cock rubbed against her folds and she bit back a groan. 

“We could go back to what we did up at the hill,” she said. “Or, I could speed things up for the both of us.” She stuck her hands beneath his shirt, running them across his ripped abdomen. 

“You’re always talking about devouring me, but now it’s my turn to eat you up,” she whispered in his ear. She touched the shell of his ear with the tip of her tongue, then nipped his lobe. She heard Reine’s sharp intake of breath and grinned.
“I want more of you, Reine.”

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Reine's Salvation (Alpha Protectors I)

He’s the kind of man her mother warned her to steer clear from...

Mystique is happy with her current life, but for years she's struggled on a path of self-destruction. She knows she shouldn't get involved with the brooding hunk at the bar, but how can she stay away when his sorrowful gaze is so compelling?

Reine has lost everything: his wife, his friends, his ability to fight, and his identity as an Alpha Protector. There's nothing left for him except a world of anger and bitterness. At least, that’s what he believes until he meets an intrepid waitress. 

The attraction between them is immediate, but while Reine can’t let go of his past, Mystique is not willing to return to hers. With darkness constantly closing in, will they find a way to be together? Or, will Reine's behavior destroy their future?

Available at:
Evernight Publishing
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and more! 


  1. It's getting hot in here! Great snippet :-)

  2. That last line is the sexiest of them all. I really need to see his response. On TBR list.

  3. Hot. Oh yeah! Actually a bit steamy. Neat writing, my friend.

  4. Gah, this is such a tease considering what happens next! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think he is really going to enjoy the reversed roles.

  6. What a way to warm me up on this cold Nebraska morning! Who needs coffee? LOL

  7. Sounds as though the temperature has risen considerably! Great snippet.

  8. Hot little excerpt indeed! These two are clearly meant for each other and congratulations on the reviews :)

  9. Great snippet. Love seeing her take charge.

  10. Ooh, toasty! Congrats on the great reviews.

  11. LOL. I like how she turns the tables. Usually it would be the guy teasing the woman by going slowly.

  12. Sounds like she's about to get what she wants!

  13. Whew! Certainly warmed things up here in frosty Michigan. Loved the last line. Well done.

  14. Things are definitely heating up here.
    And congrats on the awesome reviews, Elyzabeth. xx


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