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#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: Beauty in the Beast #fantasy #power

Happy Sunday, guys!

A new round of edits has been sent back for Beauty in the Beast. Release day shall be coming soon! Yay!

This will be the last snippet I will share until the actual novel is released. While you wait, why not ready the previous books in the series? *wink* 
In previous weeks, Christopher and Morgana have been discussing power and humanity. In last week's snippet trouble was brewing as Christopher set his plan in motion. However, Morgana's reaction might not be what he expected...

Edits have taken place to keep to WeWriWa guidelines. 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“You don’t understand—”

“I understand perfectly, little one, and worry not, I’ll set you on your path and off you’ll go, but the horses need to rest for they cannot travel nonstop.”

“I— I see.” Her gaze darted from him to the window. 

 “Are you going to use a spell on me?

“Of course not, Mr. Bexley for if I were to do that, then I’d be going against my own principles. I am not going to do such a thing and lose my credibility.”

‘‘Credibility? Witches have none of that, little one.’

“I am not your usual witch, Mr. Bexley.”
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Beauty in the Beast
Light will become shadow. Love will become hate. Good will become evil. The Darkness is here. There will be no escape.

Morgana Wiles has spent her life, alongside her mother, fighting against the arrival of the creature known as The Darkness. Unfortunately, neither of them were able to stop him and now he's here, ready to destroy all that is good in the world. Morgana must face him, but now that the time has come, she finds that things are not as simple. Her mother is gone, self-doubt is creeping in, and her visions are unclear. To make matters worse, a man with evil intent has entered her life and is bent on complicating her mission. Will she be able to resist him in time to fight The Darkness or will she succumb and become that which she despises?

Christopher Bexley is no gentleman. He enjoys trickery, deceit, mischief and above all seduction. Sexual intercourse is the greatest source of power there is or at least there was, until he heard about the Gem. Now that he has discovered there's a stone that can make him the most powerful magic user of all time, he must have it. The only problem is that the only other person that might know where it is, is a stickler for rules and being good. Morgana is too innocent for his liking, and there's only one thing he can do to change that: corrupt her. 

Find out more about this Naughty Fairy Tale series: The Witches' Mischief*

The Golden Cock

Blind Beauty

The Three Thieves and The Dom

Bear Heart

*Each book can be read as a stand-alone


  1. Delightful snippet, Elyzabeth! It put a smile on my face. “I am not your usual witch, Mr. Bexley.” is a nice little hook. :-)

  2. A witch with credibility! Splendid! Not what he was expecting, for sure.

  3. Then I wonder what kind of witch she is and what she wants.

  4. I agree with Teresa. This dialogue was delightful. I know lots of witches with credibility... just saying.

  5. I bet she's not (your usual witch). Love the back-and-forth dialogue.

  6. I wouldn't care if my credibility remained intact with this guy, use the magic, girl! But the dialog is so much fun to read - great snippet.

  7. Love their banter! He's so patronizing, but I have a feeling she'll surprise him

  8. "Not your usual witch..." I love it! Great snippet.

    ~Joyce Scarbrough

  9. I wonder what kind of spell he was expecting?

  10. Great line to end with. It's unusual not only that she's a witch with principles, but that she would admit to a susceptibility when she's in his clutches.

  11. Lots of amusement in this snippet.

  12. That last line made me LOL!

  13. I like how calmly he's taking the threat of being bespelled . :)

  14. Intriguing story. I hope you'll post more of it.

  15. Nice, sharp dialogue. Great work!


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