Sunday, January 3, 2016

#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: The Witches' Mischief 5 #fantasy #naughtyfairytales

Happy Sunday and Happy New Year, everyone!!!

I hope you all had a good end of the year and a great beginning to the year! I know I've been quite absent for the past few months, but as part of my new years resolution, I intend to change that, and the first step is getting back on track with Weekend Writing Warriors and Sexy Snippets!

Of course, another new year resolution is to get back to writing and I'm happy to say I've been working on that. *smile*

During Nanowrimo I started working on The Witches' Mischief book 5 and I've been editing, so today I'm sharing the beginning of this new Naughty Fairy Tale.

I hope you like it!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Morgana stared at the words before her, uncomprehending. She'd been sitting in the same position for so long it was a miracle her eyes hadn't started to water and she hadn't developed a cramp in her muscles. She reread the words, mouthing them one by one, aiming to make some sense of them once and for all.

I am not human. I am more. I do not wield power. I am the produce of power. I am the daughter of Truco and Roma. I am a goddess within my own right and you are my daughter.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. Welcome back! What an enticing sneak peek! Well done. Happy New Year!

  2. Good to have you with us again! Enjoyed the snippet, really interesting to read her notes to herself. Quite the situation going on!

  3. Welcome back! Great teaser- hope we'll find out more next week!

  4. Nice snippet. Look forward to reading more.

  5. Now that is an intriguing start. So great to have you back :-)

  6. So not only does she learn who her mother is, mom is a goddess? I guess that's a good way to start a new year!


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