Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Short Story #WednesdayBriefs Watch Yourself #flashfiction #erotic

Happy Wednesday, my lovelies!
Last week I was busy with edits for my upcoming paranormal-regency, A Tempest of Passion, but I have returned! Today's flash is erotic so be warned!

Also, tomorrow is my birthday and I'll be holding a lil' party here at the blog, so come on by!

 Watch Yourself 

She read his message again. The rush of adrenaline she'd felt the first time ran through her veins again. Damn it. Her heart was going to jump from her chest. It was her day off and he wanted her to do that. She didn't feel sexy. She didn't even feel particularly horny. Damn it. Who was she kidding? His message had gotten the blood rushing to every erogenous zone in her body. She reread the text again. Her pussy started throbbing and her nipples scraped against her shirt demanding attention. She'd just have to follow his orders, wouldn't she?

 Slipping on her slippers, Sammy hurried to her bedroom. She could no longer pretend otherwise. She was horny as hell and had to do something about it. Throwing her cell phone on the bed she opened the closet doors and the second drawer. She rummaged beneath her panties and pulled it out. Blue, thick and ridged, Tom had been her companion for many lonely nights. She hadn't used him in a while, laziness overpowering any real need to feel a hard rod between her legs. Now, however, as she stripped down to nothing, the pulse between her legs beat frantically. She needed Tom between her legs. She needed to feel it spread her lips and rub against her most intimate spot.

Naked as the light of day, Sammy left the closet doors open and sat on the edge of the bed. She placed Tom next to her cell and resisted the urge to read the message again. She knew what he wanted her to do.

 She looked at herself in the full length mirror hanging from one of the doors. Her cheeks were flushed. She ran her hands over her breasts, biting back a moan as her palms tumbled over the hard peaks of her nipples. She slipped them lower, ignored the urge to criticize her belly, and continued downwards. When she reached the top of her sex, she stopped and grasped her phone. She reread the message while sliding her other hand between her folds. She bit her lip. How could she have gotten so wet?

She glanced at her reflection in the mirror and dropped the phone again. Gently, she ran her fingers across her folds, spreading the moisture. Her lips grew thicker, redder. She dipped the tip of her finger inside.


She wanted to take it slowly, but the desire ringing through her was relentless. She needed more. She needed his hard cock inside her. She needed his hands on her body, tugging, caressing, punching, loving. Sammy inserted another finger into her wet pussy. A third one followed seconds later. She pumped them, rotated them, pumped them again. Her legs trembled. Her hips lifted. She pinched her nipples.


It was no longer her hands on her. It was his hands. She wasn't grasping Tom, she was guiding His cock into her. She clenched around him, moaning. Yes.

Look at yourself.

Her eyes popped open. That's what he'd asked. Look at yourself. Watch your body react to my words. Sammy groaned. Her skin was flushed, her juices dropping over Tom and down her thighs. Her lips parted in a gasp as she earnestly began to fuck herself with the toy. Incoherent whispers dropped from her lips. She couldn't. She had to. She fumbled with the phone. Thank goodness she had him on fast dial. She hit the speaker button. She heard the click as he answered.




"Are you watching yourself? "

"Yes," she gasped.

"Good girl. You may come."

Sammy pressed her wrist against her clit. She thrust harder, rubbed harder. Seconds later she cried out her release, falling back against her mattress.
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