Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#WedsBrief #FlashFiction : Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away #feeltherain

Greetings darlings and a happy Hump Day all around! It's summertime, but today's snippet is all about the rain. The prompt was "have a character playing in the rain" and I think I've fulfilled the objective. Have you ever played in the rain?

Rain, Rain, don't go away
The sky was grey. No, not just grey. It was more than that. It had that ominous hue to it. The type of shade that announced impending rain. Not just any kind of rain, either. Heavy rain. The sort of rain that drowned any living thing it touched.
Anthony turned away from the window, sniffling. He leaned against the wall and delved deeper into the warm blanket. He honestly didn’t understand what appeal people found in this sort of weather. It was depressing and annoying. He fished a Kleenex from beneath a pillow and cleaned his nose. Damn weather. They were at the end of June. It was supposed to be warm, hot even, with plenty of plants in bloom and sunshine. People didn’t get colds in spring.
Like a cacophony of exploding bubble wrap, raindrops splattered against the window. He’d been right. The drops that fell from the grey clouds were heavy and unforgiving as they pounded against the pavement and—he pressed his nose to the window. It couldn’t be? He was seeing things. That medicine he was taking for this blasted cold had gone to his head. Who in their right mind would be standing outside? Yet, he didn’t move away from the window. Through the curtain of pouring water he searched. He was about to give up when the rain abated, leaving behind a soft sprinkle illuminated by a dazzling grey sky. His heart summersaulted.
She stood in the rain, arms stretched to the side, twirling round and round. He ran his gaze over her body, his cock twitching in response at the sight. Her pretty summer dress was plastered to her body outlining every inch of her well rounded form. Her long dark hair curled over her breasts framing them. Mesmerized, Anthony watched them fall and rise, in tempo with what had to be laughter coming from her smiling mouth. He couldn’t tell for sure form this distance, but he thought her eyes were closed. A pang of envy hit him in the chest. Her expression was one of bliss, pure happiness, even as she stood soaking in the rain. He wanted to understand, no, not understand, he wanted to experience that elation. He glanced at the sky. The sun was starting to peek through the blanket of grey. A rainbow would soon appear probably followed by the end of the storm. He looked down at Amaya again. She was still there.
“Anthony, you’re sick.”
Which was why there was no risk in doing what he was going to do. He threw back the blanket and raced down the stairs. He flung the door open and stepped outside. The rain enveloped him in a welcoming wave. The drops bounced and slid down his face and over his bare arms. They clung to his clothes and his hair like the embrace of a desperate lover.
“I was wondering when you’d stop staring and dare come down.”
Amaya grinned at him, her blue eyes sparkling brighter than ever.
She laughed. “Why?” She grasped his hand. Surprisingly, it was warm. “Some things don’t have any logic, Anthony.” She stepped closer. “Some things are just meant to be felt.  Like the rain, like the sunshine.” She stepped closer. “Like a kiss.”
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