Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday and #Sexy Snippets: Blue Horns

Happy Sunday!

Last week I introduced you to the heroine of my story, Blue Horns, which will see the light in the anthology Sinsperationally Yours sometime in September or October. Today's snippet gives you an insight on the story's title. *smile*

#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences  


That was definitely not normal. She shoved the clothes back into the closet, before re-assuming her position in front of the full-length mirror. Tentatively she touched her back. She flinched even though the slight caress of her fingers didn’t hurt her. Her breathing quickened.

“This is absurdly not normal.” Her spine was blue. The inch long horns that materialized when she was aroused were all out and shining blue like the sky on an early spring morning. 

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  1. Wow, blue horns on her back when trying to dress up can make it kind of difficult. I would agree that she has a problem.

    1. A big one, Linda! The problem is much worse than just getting dressed with horns ;-)

  2. That ain't normal, alright! Intriguing snippet :)

  3. Wow, I wonder whats going on there!

  4. Oooh, now that's different, lol. Love it!

  5. I hope the blue matches her skin tones and hair.

  6. OK, I'm officially hooked - blue horns! Love it...excellent excerpt!

  7. That's a new one--blue horns on her back. Wow!

  8. WHAT???? Wow. Very compelling and vivid. I'm hooked! Great snippet.

  9. Loved it! The horns definitely raised my curiosity. Nice suspense; good emotion. Looking forward to next snippet.



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