Thursday, August 1, 2013

TnT Confidential: Iyana Jenna: A Part of Me

Hey everyone! It's currently 1am and I just realized that it's August. As a matter of fact, it's been August since yesterday- aka, Thursday- aka, TnT Confidential day. *Facepalm* I should have had this lovely guest over since yesterday, but I clearly don't know what day I live in. Fortunately, it's never too late! I'm off to Barcelona for the weekend, but I leave you in the good hands of author Iyana Jenna and her latest release, A Part of Me.

Dear Elyzabeth, thank you for allowing me to visit your blog again.
This time I would like to share my m/m short story that was published by Alfie Dog Fiction. It’s a romance and also a ghost story. Not a horror story, though. Here you will meet Zach and Connor who have to go through an ordeal that changes their life forever.
When I wrote this story, I planned it to be a light, even cracky story. My editor on Alfie Dog was interested in it but she suggested that I changed it to be more of a heart wrenching one. I made a lot of changes on this one, including adding a great chunk to the middle of the story. I have to admit it turned to be a lot better and definitely not cracky anymore.

(Art for promotional purposes only)

Title: A Part of Me
Length: 4,500 words
Price: £0.39 / $0.60
Publisher: Alfie Dog Fiction

In the middle of the snow on their way to get home for Christmas, Connor Williams crashed his car into a tree. He was badly injured but his boyfriend that was also in the car, Zach Tyler, was barely alive. How then, that morning in Connor's room, was Zach by his side, waiting for him to wake up?

Zach found Connor still awake in the middle of the night, eyes straining at the screen of his PowerBook; his forefinger never stopped clicking. He didn’t even realize when Zach entered the study and came to stand behind him.
Zach yawned. “What are you doing?” He tried to peep into the screen. It looked like the website of a local airline. Zach got no reply until he repeated his question. This time he got a grunt.
“Is something wrong? Hey, Connor?” He leaned over Connor’s shoulder. “Why are you checking a flight schedule? Don’t we have tickets?”

About me:

Iyana reads, writes, and watches her favorite series in her spare time. She first published her work when a publisher took an interest in her short story in March this year. She tries not to be obsessed with writing and publishing world but finds lately that she wants to keep writing and doing promos for her books rather than doing her RL job, teaching. But, psst, don’t tell that to her boss, all right? :)

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  1. Whee, thank you so much, Elyzabeth! And have a great holiday in Barcelona. Wow! :D


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