Saturday, May 11, 2013

#8Sunday Weekend Writing Warriors: A Decade of Longing

I almost forgot to do this, but here we are again with another Sunday, another Snippet. *smile* The following sentences belong to A Decade of Longing and take place a little after last week's post. Have a great day and thank you for all your comments. 

#8Sunday Sentences for...

Alexander had felt elation at hearing her whisper his name.
She had not forgotten him. Even when he interrupted her, giving her
his new name; despite her initial rebuff, when he had felt as if a
thousand little needles had pierced through his heart simultaneously,
Alexander knew she was aware of him. The thought urged him to
pursue her.
“Please, my lady. I insist. I hear you are a marvelous dancer.”
He would not take no for an answer.
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A Decade of Longing

Picture Angelica and Alexander fell in love at a young age. Unfortunately, their love is doomed since the beginning. Forcibly separated, Angelica is obligated to marry another man at her father’s convenience while Alexander is prohibited from ever seeking her out again.

Ten years later, however, Alexander is no longer the callow boy he used to be. Now an influential gentleman, he is bent on recovering the only woman he has ever loved. No matter the cost. But has their love withstood the ravages of time?

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  1. Great descriptive passage. One can feel his intense longing. Hope it works out for them!

  2. Sounds like a sweet love story. Beautiful cover too!

  3. Intriguing little excerpt, so lovely she does recognize him. can't wait to read more!

  4. Excuse me while I feast on all your sexy book covers. Wowza. Love the excerpt too! :)

  5. Your cover is, well, gorgeous. I bet neither of them has forgotten the other.

  6. Aww, I love these kinds of stories. Of course she didn't forget him!

  7. Lovely, you can really feel his emotions in this. Great eight, Elyzabeth.

  8. Lovely romantic snippet, Elyzabeth.

  9. I love a man with determination. Good snippet, Elyzabeth. :)


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