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T'n'T's Confidential: Katalyn Sage

Happy Thursday, everyone! It's T'nT's Confidential and today I've sat author Katalyn Sage and her latest release Rapture, from the Primordial Guardian series under the spotlight. Read on to discover what's behind the sexy hunk from the cover below *wink*  

Rapture will be available on Evernight Publishing’s site, as well as Amazon and other eBook retailers on April 5th, 2013.

Welcome Katalyn to In A Dream Beyond, tell us about your latest release…

Rapture tells the story of Raine, a Valkyrie and the queen of the vampires, and Ferox, the vampire king. They had challenges when they met six centuries ago, and they’re facing them yet again.

Here is the blurb:
As the favored daughter of the Norse god, Odin, Raine values strength and skill above all else, desiring nothing more than to make her father proud. But when she met a dark, seductive vampire at a tournament centuries ago, she couldn’t deny her attraction to him, nor the feelings he invoked within her whether they were together or apart. Six centuries later, she’s forced to fight for her love again, and though they're battling against all odds, she won’t give in to those who would keep them apart.
After surviving a vicious battle with his twin brother, Ferox remembers nothing of his past and struggles to believe the details of the life he once had. It's only Raine's persistence and the love he sees in her eyes that he finally feels like he's getting some answers. When her life is threatened, Ferox will stop at nothing to reach his Valkyrie.

Rapture belongs to the Primordial Guardians series, in a few words tell us what’s to love about this series.
Every Guardian is different, and you never know what type of creature could be brought into the fold. From werewolves to vampires, and fire demons to fairies, every Guardian’s background is different. One thing I love most about this series is that there is so much more than it just being about a group of males battling every foe that enters our realm. Readers might just find a pattern as they read the stories. :)

Can Rapture be read as a standalone? If not, in what order should we read the previous books?
In order to make sense of what’s happening, readers will want to read them in order: Dark Seduction, Passion Ignited, Born of Silence, and then Rapture.

How did you come up with the idea for the Primordial Guardian series?

It wasn’t so much that I came up with idea. Rather, those sensual hunks took root in my mind and told me (cough…showed me...cough) who and what they were.

The very first scene I envisioned is what I call “the Ascension.”  I was listening to Muse while driving at the time, and Exogenesis Part 1 came on, and all of a sudden I witnessed this scene unfold. I kept listening to the song, letting it repeat over and over again, and every time I listened to it, this scene kept going. When I finally decided to type up the scene, more and more came to me, and before I knew it, I not only had written a book, but I’d had an entirely new family in the Guardians.

Describe Rapture’s main characters in 3 to 5 words

                Fated to belong together.

If you were going to pick a song for Rapture’s trailer it would be? 

This one was tough. I’d have to go with A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, mostly because this song has really had an impact on me, and I’ve listened to it a lot while writing this book.

What’s your favorite part of Rapture?

The flashbacks to the tournament where Raine and Ferox met. Had they not met and fell in love, the acceptance of interracial couples would be very different today, and so many Lore creatures would have never found their mates.

What are you currently working on?

So many characters are vying for my attention. Three different Guardians are pushing for me to tell their stories, a hunky Highlander has been nudging me for attention as well, and a new idea is currently taking root. Right now, most of my time is spent split between working on one particular Guardian, and the sexy Scotsman.


Food: Hawaiian Garlic Chicken with Katsu Sauce. Yummmmmm.

Pastime: Four-wheeling. I’ve been driving wheelers since I was tiny, and I love riding them up in the mountains and jumping them.

Color: Purple

Animal: Dogs

Salty or sweet? Sweet, for sure. I have a sweet tooth. It’s ridiculous, really.

Coffee or tea? Coffee, but I have to add a whole bunch of yummy stuff so it tastes like caramel macchiato or hot chocolate. I’ve never been a fan of tea.

Winter or summer? Hahaha, in Utah we get surprised with any season’s weather during any season. I’d say summer over winter, but I really prefer spring.

Rapture will be available on Evernight Publishing’s site, as well as Amazon and other eBook retailers on April 5th, 2013.

Contact Info:
Blog: – Check out the blog for info on how to win a free eBook copy of one of the Primordial Guardians novel. Contest ends 11:59 PM (Mountain Time) on 4/4/2013.


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