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T'n'T's Confidential: Susan D. Taylor

It's Thursday my dear readers and that means another installment of T'n'T's Confidential! Today author Susan D. Taylor is visiting and giving us a glimpse of the things she needs to write. (I'm totally with the coffee thing too *winks*). Go for it, Susan!

7 Writing Resources I Use to Write...Better
By Susan D. Taylor

Thank you Elyzabeth for inviting to T n' T's Confidential

In a Dream Beyond.
I don’t know if I write better with my stash of things but, I believe with them, the writing is a bit easier. Without them, I’d survive, but I don’t know if I’d be as balanced.

#1-Coffee. Yes it’s the first thing I reach for when I get out of bed and especially around four in the afternoon. Not so much at night. I get up early, well before sunrise. Once caffeinated the whole world seems at peace.

#2-Computer. If I had to write with a pen or pencil, nothing would get done. My handwriting is horrible. I’d write in the margins and cross out every other word if not every word. If there were no computers, I’d never have the opportunity to write. Or write much.

#3-Water. This one comes up again. I drink lots of water. Hydration for creation. If you start wilt, immediately it’s not the coffee cup I look for but a glass of water. That is after I’ve had my morning Joe.

#4-Shower. Seriously, some of my best ideas have arrived during a shower. And not because I write erotica, so don’t go there. I take a hot-as-the-handle-will-go shower. I love watching the steam billow, tiny droplets rise in the morning light coming through the bathroom. I relax and then BAM, an idea or answer to some writing dilemma is delivered. If a waterproof laptop is ever invented, I’ll be set. Albeit a bit more wrinkled…

#5-Quiet. Oh yeah, I’m one of those. I love music. All types, but I get too emotionally charged. If I want to write, I tune out everything. I love to use music to inspire or to latch onto an emotion or motivation before writing. But during the quiet, I hear the story and characters. Then it’s as though the story moves through me and I type. Fast as I can.

I do use playlists, so if anyone is interested in hearing what does proved inspirational for
Secret Desire my upcoming release is found on YouTube

#6-Elliptical Trainer. I’m ADHD and need to unwind at night. I do yoga but physically need a rapid release of energy late at night. I spend 45 minutes to an hour on the trainer. I have a Kindle Fire and found this is a terrific way to exercise and read. Seems almost too good to be true.

#7-My Husband. He listens to my writing. Truly, reading aloud to him helps me focus on the way the story sounds (cadence), and yes, even catch typos. It’s not the same reading aloud alone. With him, I want to take care and read carefully. He’s the best, and at times when I’m stuck on just the right word, he offers an objective outlook.

So, these are my seven. I know there are countless things, people and even my pets that I’d miss. Yet these SEVEN are what keep me happily writing. Please share what keeps your spirits high. It doesn’t
have to be relative to writing. What keeps you going at work or home or during a challenge? Really what helps you take that extra step?

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Upcoming Releases
Secret Desire – February 1, 2013 Contemporary Erotic Romance, Etopia Press E-book (Susan D. Taylor)
Branded By Desire – April 1, 2013 Western Erotic Romance, Crimson Press E-book & Print (Susan Arden)
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Ocean of Love – 2013 An Adult Fairytale – (Susan D. Taylor)

Favorite Quote: “Sexy is a strange thing. I'm not sure it has to do with sex. Sexy has to do with not knowing what's coming next. It's unpredictability.” ― Christopher Walken


  1. Elyzabeth, Thanks so much for having me. This was a blast!

  2. Great list, Susan! I love lists . . .

    I'd love to get inspiration in the shower. It'd be much easier than just as I'm going to bed, which is usually when everyone wants to speak up at once. At least caffeine helps with the effects of sleep deprivation! :)

    Good luck with tomorrow's release! :)

  3. I enjoyed the list and I agree - I don't know how anyone ever wrote on a typewriter or worse, pen and paper! Best of luck with your new releases!


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