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T n'T's Confidential: C.P. Foster

Welcome to another T n'T's Confidential date and Happy Thanksgiving!! Today I've got author C.P. Foster stopping by with a blog post of her own to tell us about her recent release Five Haunting Nights: A love Story in Serial.

C.P. Foster is a creative geek who’s been writing all her life. Her first story was a Nancy Drew fanfic at the age of 9. Nowadays, her subjects are no longer so innocent. She’s been practicing BDSM for 15+ years, and likes to walk on the wild side.

Welcome C.P.! 

Hi, Elyzabeth, thanks for having me over! It’s great to be here.

I wanted to talk about my recent release, Five Haunting Nights: A Love Story in Serial. It started out as a single story for Etopia’s “Halloween Heat III” anthology, about a woman who has a ghost lover that she sees one night a year—on Halloween. One of my beta readers said she wanted to know how Olivia and her lover met, and another suggested it could be made into a series. So I thought, why not? I loved the characters, and liked the idea of spending more time with them. I decided to write five short stories of their Halloweens together that would tell how they met, how the relationship developed, and what happens to them in the end.

When I set out to write the first story, I wanted to use certain explicit words that some people consider offensive, and to change how those words are perceived. My goal was to use them in a sensuous way that expressed affection and eventually love between the characters. In writing it I got past some of my own discomfort with those words, and hopefully my readers will agree. I’d be very interested to hear what they have to say about that. If any of you would like to give me your thoughts on it, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Facebook.

As a gift to my readers, I’m posting a series of free short-short stories on my blog, Aphrodite’s Writer. I hope you enjoy them!

A summary of Five Haunting Nights:

One night of love to last all year…forever.

At midnight on Halloween, in a crumbling old Victorian house, he answers her invitation. His invisible seduction begins with music, then with words that shock and arouse. From his unseen lips, “whore” is a silken caress that makes Olivia flush with desire, while his ghostly hands pleasure her body. But at sunrise, he is gone.

Each Halloween, her mysterious phantom spends the night making love to her, mastering her body and soul. But it can’t go on forever. The place is falling into ruin, and it will eventually be too dangerous to enter. But Olivia can’t bear to let him go…

A complete love story, told in serial

“Night of Seduction”
“Reunion Night”
“Bittersweet Night”
“Night of Truth”
“Night’s End”


“Are you begging, then?”

“Yes.” She squirmed, ass rubbing against him.

When his hand left her, she made a frustrated sound. He tugged at the waistband of her bloomers. “Get rid of these before I tear them off.”

He withdrew while she wriggled out of the garment, and the moment it was gone, he shoved her back several steps until she hit the wall. It was a bizarre sensation, having a very real body pressed hard against hers when she could see nothing but the room behind him. Olivia shut her eyes. She felt his cock seeking her entrance and realized he must have undone his pants. Pinning her there, he found the place he wanted and thrust deep inside. Olivia felt the tension in his body and the rapid rise and fall of his chest as he eased out and then back in. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she arched, trying to ride him.

“Be still!” he hissed. “Or I’ll spend myself.”

Trembling, she forced herself to obey. He began a slow grind that had her crying out with need, and her cunt tightened involuntarily around him.

“Damn it.” He shuddered against her as he came.

Pressing her face to his shoulder, she muffled a wail.

He laughed. “It’s your own fault, ladybird. If you beg a bit more, perhaps I’ll relieve that ache in your notch.” Pulling out of her, he slid his hand between their bodies and found her swollen clitoris.


“Call me sir, and I’ll consider it.”

Olivia sank her fingernails into his back. “Please, sir!”

He stroked so slowly she wanted to scream. “Like that?”


Beg a little more.”

“Sir, please, oh, gods, more, don’t stop—”

He shoved his tongue between her lips as he began to finger her clit. She heard the sticky wet sound of her cunt as he went faster, giving her what she needed. The orgasm hit so hard that she banged her head against the wall.

“Easy!” He laughed and kept stroking while she spasmed helplessly. When she’d slowed to a stop, he gave her thigh a cheerful pinch. “I think you’ve got more in you than that. Let’s find out.”

Strong arms lifted her, so that she seemed to levitate above the floor. She held on tightly as he carried her up the stairs and into the master bedroom. The ghost set her down on a soft feather mattress. “Get those boots off, whore. I want you naked.”

It took a few moments to unlace them, and he moved away while she obeyed. The air stirred, but she couldn’t tell where he was. Olivia set the boots aside and listened intently, but he gave her no clue until the bed shifted. His naked body came to rest against hers. Something wet slid over her nipple, and she moaned as his mouth closed around it. She started to comb her fingers into his hair, but he stopped her and instead guided them between her legs.

“Go ahead, little ladybird. Pleasure yourself.”

A hot tide of arousal washed over her. He teased her nipple with his teeth and caressed her other breast as she drew lazy circles around her clit. When he sucked again, harder, she slid two fingers into her cunt and rode them the way she’d wanted to ride his cock. They came out glistening wet. He began to breathe faster, and she knew he was watching as she massaged her clit in long, slow strokes, gradually speeding up until her hips were arching, so close, so close—

“Stop,” he commanded.

End excerpt

You can buy Five Haunting nights at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance

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