Saturday, October 27, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Happy Sunday, readers!

One week left until the release of The Lost Mercenary! Yay!

Blurb*: All he ever wanted was a family and some land for farming. Instead, his dreams were ripped at the seams by a ruthless king. Choosing to become a mercenary, Gregorii has roamed the land clinging to a past he thought long gone until Emmeline stumbled onto his path. Now, his dreams resurface and hope reemerges. The only problem is Emmeline’s defiance. 

Emmeline has a secret. An important secret. A dangerous secret. Few know her mission. Fewer know her past. When Gregorii turns up in her life, past, present and future unite and her whole world threatens to crumble.

How long will she be able to hide the truth from him? How long will her heart resist the inevitable? 

 Last week, I offered Six Sentences in which you got a glimpse of Gregorii and his arrival to Sieghard. Today's Six, belong to Emmeline. Enjoy! 

Emmeline grappled with the assassin. Her hands shook violently as she tried to drive the dagger away from her chest.  She had been unable to stop the stranger from shoving her against the upturned wagon and with her back pressed against the wooden slabs, her moves were limited and defense was nearly impossible. The man grunted and pushed hard against her, succeeding in grazing her chest with the tip of the weapon, a drop of blood rising to the surface. She held her breath, sweat trickling down her temple as she mustered all her force so as not to scream and surrender. Unexpectedly, the man’s eyes widened in shock. 

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And don't forget to stop for a visit throughout the week! On Tuesday, author Michaela Rhua will be popping by, Wednesday is Halloween and I hope to offer you a spooky Wednesday Brief flash. Then on Thursday, London Saint James will be saying hello and during the weekend...well, you'll find out. *wink* 

**Unedited Blurb   


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    1. *tan tan tan taaaan* imagine suspense music ;-)

  3. Wow! the tension is intense. I want to know what happens next. Great Six. :-)

  4. Oop! Looks like someone came to her rescue just in time. Intense six, Elyzabeth. :)

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