Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Six Sentence Sunday of the year!

Happy Sunday! I haven't participated in Six Sentence Sunday for quite a while- not sure why- I'm guessing all the classwork got in the way.

Nonetheless, I just started a new WIP and I'm super excited. It's the story of Wybert, companion of Conrad from The Mercenary Knight. When I wrote that novel I had no intention of making a book 2, or continuing the tale of the other mercenaries...but a few weeks ago their stories just came to me, so of course, I gave in to their demands and began writing Wybert's tale. Grigorii will just have to wait a bit.

Funny thing is that I had something plotted for Wybert but as I wrote he decided to stray from the given path and now... well, things are turning out quite differently from what I expected!

Anyhow, my Six Sentence Sunday of today belong to this new WIP. Hope you enjoy! And as always, don't forget to visit the other participants.

She lifted her gaze to stare at Wybert. Slowly, she allowed her robe to slide past her shoulders, slither down her arms, and slip over her waist to finally pool on the floor at her feet. The woman stood still, her pale white skin gleaming under the bright light of the fire and candles. Melassar grabbed her braid and tugged, forcing her head to the side. His lips collided against hers in a forceful kiss. His tongue entwined with hers, devouring every inch of her delectable mouth.

By the way, I'm blogging at Goddess Fish today and giving away a copy of The Uncertain List, so if you have a chance stop by and comment.


  1. Gonna have some hot action, here! Enjoyed your six.

  2. If she's going to offer, he's going to take. Hot six, Elyzabeth! :)

  3. Nice excerpt, very sensuous!


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