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Silver Flash Wednesday: Untitled Chapter 4

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Today is another one of those awesome Wednesdays! and why are they awesome? One, because it means we're a little closer to the weekend and two, because it's Silver Flash Day!

We had a load of prompts to chose from this week but I finally decided to pick these three words: immigrants, Led Zeppelin and thanks

In case you don't remember, the last chapter on Untitled Work (goodness, I really do need to think of a title for Amanda and Damian's story) was the unexpected meeting at the Karaoke bar. If you want to read it, click here!

Read on and don't forget to check out the other awesome flasher's (links at the bottom).

Untitled Chapter 4

Thirty seconds. That’s how long it had taken him to spot her. Damian leaned back against the white plaster wall, sipping the drink Anne had offered him upon his arrival. He’d barely mumbled his thanks when she had run off with a smile and an apology to welcome new guests.
Left alone with no one to talk to, he scanned the room and found Amanda. He’d settled against the wall, waiting and watching. He didn’t mind being on his own; after all, he’d only accepted the invitation to the party because it was a great chance to see Amanda again. Besides, he had never been a social butterfly. He was best left to his own devices: his motorcycle, his music, his reading. He’d only come because of her, the pretty girl he’d had a crush on for the past two years, the one on the other side of the room, the one which he had spotted in little more than thirty seconds.

Damian studied Amanda. She was sitting down, one of her shapely legs crossed over the other, raising her skirt to mid thigh. She wasn’t even aware of the effect that little bare piece of skin was having on her interlocutor, who’s gaze kept dashing to her leg.
He smiled. It seemed her music tastes had changed some in the past two years. Last time they’d spoken she had classified his music as noise and now, as Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant song played through the speakers her feet were restless, surreptitiously tapping to the beat.

Amanda smiled and Damian’s heart accelerated. Twice now he had been close to kissing those pink lips. How did that saying go? Third time comes around, or third time lucky…something like that. He took a sip from his drink. Fate had thrown him in Amanda’s path once more. What remote possibility was there that after two years of barely catching glimpses of her from across the lawn during the summer he would meet her in Springfield? One in a million. And yet, there she had been, at the same Karaoke bar to which he had taken those clients bent on having a good time before departing back home.
Damian shook his head. He still didn’t know what had gotten into him. He’d seen her across the bar and his brains decided to go for a hike. Before he knew what he was doing he was on stage singing to her. A grin tugged at the corner of his lips and he hid it behind his cup. It seemed he couldn’t stop making a fool of himself every time he was near the girl.

Until tonight. After Anne, Amanda’s friend, had invited him to this pre-Thanksgiving party he’d gone home with one goal in mind. He’d make Amanda his. He’d taste every corner of that mouth, every delectable inch of that body before the night was over. He’d scratch that itch he’d been nursing ever since she’d come to scream at him about his motorcycle making too much noise, ever since, she’d splayed her small hand over his chest, ever since he’d been so close to kissing her he could still smell her perfume… Damian shook his head, trying to dissipate that never forgotten summer evening. He should have forgotten her but he couldn’t and then the other night, when he’d grab her wrist...damn, his fingers still tingled just from the memory.

He glanced in Amanda’s direction. She was still deep in conversation with the guy before her. Straightening, he left his spot near the wall. He took his time approaching the couple. Looking at a picture frame here, leaving his empty cup on a table, admiring a pretty ornament. He was upon them before he could digest what he was going to do. His hands were clammy and his heart beat so loudly he was surprised no one else mentioned what that racket was. Amanda glanced up at him. Her lips parted and her large brown eyes sparkled. Damian grinned. The show was on.

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