Monday, December 21, 2009


If you like epic stories, battles, fantasy and romance: go watch Avatar. Now.
It might seem like your usual "hero saves the day" story, but it definitely has something special which makes it worth watching.
James Cameron has opened the door to a whole new fantasy world which could turn out to be pretty big.
By the way, The New York Times, has published a "James Cameron Question and Answer":
After watching this movie I really feel like writing something...but I can't set my mind to a single topic. Isn't fantasy such a wonderful thing?


  1. Man, now I really want to go see it! Maybe write a series of short stories, all set in a far-away world of fantasy. You could create some of your own beings and worlds! Could turn into something big!

  2. Definitely go see it!
    Hummmm, a series of short stories...sounds good!


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