Saturday, August 29, 2020

Weekend Writing Warriors from Entwined (Club Lobo) #BDSM #Paranormal #FreeRead

 Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today I'm sharing a snippet from Entwined (Club Lobo), which released on Friday. This is a free read so if you'd like a copy click on any of the links below.





The music beat in the background, dulling the voices of the people in the club and matching the frantic rhythm of Mallory’s heart. She sipped at her soda and half-heard what her friend Diana said. Her mind was elsewhere. Or on someone else, to be more precise. She’d only seen him once. It’d been a glimpse, really, but it’d been more than enough to keep her fantasizing throughout the month. She didn’t know his name or if he’d only been a onetime visitor, but here she was a month later and wishing he’d show up. Unfortunately, he was nowhere in sight. Mallory swallowed her disappointment. It’d been stupid of her to think she’d see him tonight. She didn’t know anything about the guy. Perhaps, he was in a relationship, gay, or not into the same kink she was. There were so many ifs she’d shoved them all aside and focused only on masturbating to her fantasy.

Mallory Brown doesn't go home with strangers, and while she's all for a great spanking, she doesn't do BDSM relationships. Fantasizing is more her speed. And when she catches a glimpse of Master Murphy, fantasies fill her brain.

But Master Murphy has other plans. He enters her life full-steam and won't take no for an answer. While she's compelled to say yes, is she really ready to say goodbye to her world as she knows it to become permanently entwined with His?

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  1. This is an evocative and well written account of yearning.
    I have to ask,though: is that rope around the character's neck? That's beyond a mere kink, perhaps.


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