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Happy Sunday, lovelies!
Muse still gone rogue and the week was long and hard as ever. Apologies for not visiting any blog last Sunday (had a work meeting) and during the week (hellish beginning of the summer courses with never used materials which is making lesson planning an arduous task). Not to mention, another commitment which I will reveal on Thursday.
 Anyway, glad to be here with you guys again and sharing a snippet from my current WIP.  Granted it's on stand by, but still, it's what I hope to continue working on at some point.
What jumps out at you? Would you be interested in reading more? 
Have a great day!
*Some creative punctuation has taken place to adjust to guidelines

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
They sat at a round table, a map of Spain laid out before them, a single token placed over a city: Madrid. Prudence’s gaze veered to the pictures placed alongside. Most of them were men dressed in expensive business suits. They all stared intently at the camera, aiming to appear friendly as well as capable of running a country.
Jose, the Human Guardian, pointed to an image of a man with a heavy beard and glasses.
“The political sphere is corrupt to the bone.” He dragged his finger across each photograph. “Crimes are being committed and the country is paying the price.”
“And you are certain these people are indeed infected by the Sins? What you are asking is not easy to accomplish and dangerous,” Amaia, the High Priestess, and Prudence’s boss asked.
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
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Reine's Salvation

Alpha Protectors, 1

He’s the kind of man her mother warned her to steer clear from...

Mystique is happy with her current life, but for years she's struggled on a path of self-destruction. She knows she shouldn't get involved with the brooding hunk at the bar, but how can she stay away when his sorrowful gaze is so compelling?

Reine has lost everything: his wife, his friends, his ability to fight, and his identity as an Alpha Protector. There's nothing left for him except a world of anger and bitterness. At least, that’s what he believes until he meets an intrepid waitress. 

The attraction between them is immediate, but while Reine can’t let go of his past, Mystique is not willing to return to hers. With darkness constantly closing in, will they find a way to be together? Or, will Reine's behavior destroy their future?

Available at:
Evernight Publishing
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and more!

Seamus's Mate
Alpha Protectors, 2

Kaila is His. His Mate. Forever. 

When Seamus discovers Kaila is in danger he sets out to save her. He couldn’t care less that she doesn’t want him there. His objective in life is to love and protect her. Besides, she might refuse to be with him, but her body knows better. With both their lives on the line, she can’t say no to his aid, can she? 

For years, she has ignored her feelings. 

Kaila’s mission was supposed to be easy: enter the demon’s lair and save her sister. Then, he came along. For close to twenty years she has been fighting against the mating pull. She has avoided Seamus at all costs, but now they’re both trapped in hell and she has nowhere to run, except, maybe, into his arms.

Available at:
Evernight Publishing

and more!   

Max's Desire
(Alpha Protectors 3)

How can a man love a succubus without literally losing his heart? 
Alpha Protector Max almost died during his last mission to Lust’s hellish lair, but the worst torture was his failure to save Eva, a young woman who begged for his help. When he meets her again in Spain, he discovers two things. One, she is his mate. Two, she is also a succubus.
Though Eva has not come into her full power, her love could still be fatal. For how long will he be able to defy her allure? 
Pleasure is Eva’s business. Love isn’t. 
Although unaware of her true nature, as a luxury escort, she is used to men falling at her feet. Yet, Max doesn't. Though his attraction mirrors hers, the soldier does things differently and she can't help falling for him.
And Eva is terrified by her recurring nightmares. When someone from her past shows up, and the dreams become reality, there is only one thing that can save Max’s heart.


  1. @And you are certain these people are indeed infected by the Sins?@
    I can just imagine this. Very nice!

  2. I am certainly intrigued about what could be going on.

    Best wishes for all your projects.

  3. I liked the snippet, intriguing and definitely makes me want to know more about the situation and the people you've assembled to deal with it. Great little excerpt!

  4. Sounds like they’re ready to get very involved in human affairs. Very interesting!

  5. Trouble ahead in your interesting story. Watch out, dear heroine.

  6. Infected by the Sins. Squee! Sounds awesome. Can't wait to read more.

  7. You'll get your muse back, girl! I'd like to know more about the inter-politics of the Guardians. That was one thing that jumped out at me about previous books from you. I loved the romance, but these guys aren' exactly the most open and approachable people. I can imagine training is rigorous, and all the drama behind the scenes must be substantial. Just my random thoughts, but go with your gut! You'll be back on the wagon soon! *hugs*

  8. Corrupt politicians? That couldn't possibly be!

  9. Liked the snippet. I want to read more! Your muse will come back. She's on hiatus while you're tacking the lesson plans. I would hate it if she made me raring to go and I couldn't get back to the computer to write because of everything else on my plate. Good luck. She'll be back!

  10. Great snippet! And I like Ed's comment! lol.

  11. "...infected by the Sins..." Cool concept!

    The muse will be back. :-) They all need a little break now and again.


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