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Wednesday Brief: Pretty Boy 3 #wednesdaybrief #writingprompt

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Welcome back to another Wednesday Brief. I'm continuing with  last week's story with Josh and Jay. 

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Pretty Boy3
Josh hit the snooze button on his alarm. Five more minutes.

"Just five more minutes," he pleaded to no one in particular. He kept his eyes shut hoping that the dream would return. He'd been dreaming with Jay, of course, and it had been glorious. It had been different from the time they'd been together. In the dream, Jay actually cared for him. Unlike reality. He sighed. If only he could continue dreaming. He'd been about to kiss Jay to feel his soft lips against his, to taste him one more time. His mouth watered and he swallowed hard. It would not happen. He had to learn to live with this constant dissatisfaction. Yet, with every passing day it felt more like pain and less like simple addiction.

He knew why and he had triggered it. It had been accidental. He hadn't done it on purpose like Jay suspected. No, Josh had been with other men and he'd never felt the need to claim his stake. Things changed with Jay. Perhaps, it was because Jay was such a flirt that he felt that he had to do it to show that they belonged together. Or perhaps, it was the fact that their affair was a secret. No one could know that they were together, that was against company policy and against what friends and family thought about them.

Josh turned to the side. He had been out since he was a young boy, but Jay, Jay was still fighting it. According to him, his parents and siblings knew, and so did some of his friends, but he didn't think anyone else should know. Josh agreed, up to a point. Your sexuality was no one's business, but what was wrong with expressing your love to another man? No, Jay didn't see it like him. For Jay their dates, their nights spent together, their kisses, their lazy Sunday nights on the couch, meant nothing.

The alarm clock went off again indicating that his five minutes were up. Josh turned off and rolled out of bed. He shuffled toward the bathroom and turned on the shower. Patiently, he waited for the water to warm. The space was tiny, yet he and Jay had managed to fit in together. Josh stepped into the warm spray and closed his eyes. Bliss. It didn't last. The memory of Jay's kisses on his neck triggered his cock and reminded him that the other man was not there and would never be there. He was alone. Jay would never come around. He would rather suffer in silence than admit that these feelings were bound to drive them both crazy.

Josh selected his shampoo and poured some onto the palm of his hand. The last shower he'd taken with Jay, he'd washed the other man's silky blonde locks. He scrubbed and rinsed quickly. Then he lathered his body with soap, trying to forget the touch of the other man on his flesh. How long would they be able to stand being apart? He'd never heard any stories of mates that weren't together. He could ask his parents, but truth was, he was afraid of the answer.

TO be continued...
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  1. Wow the images on the door gave me the shudders! DEfinitely greed to the extent that there is no regard for the lives someone has to "trample" to reach that elusive golden ring.


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