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Happy Sunday!
I've been out for almost the last 2 week, overwhelmed with work and allergies, but I'm slowly trying to get back on track and here I am!
Let's recap: Clare (aka Luna), has met a mysterious, yet hunky, alien who's come to take her back to his home. She believes he's Mikelo, the alien boy she'd met twenty years ago... but he's presented himself as Serrik. In shock, Clare doesn't know how to react. Serrik taunts her and asks her why she is not screaming. In the previous snippet he tells her that her destiny is tied with his people. Clare denies it and  he threatens her. Serrik will do whatever it takes to get Clare back to his world and to Mikelo.

Serrik has let Clare know that if she doesn't adapt to his alien world she'll die (be killed). What follows is her reaction...

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ps: Creative editing has taken place to fulfill guidelines!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
He allowed her to escape for she needed to be rid of that frantic energy coursing through her veins, to tire herself out until sleep overcame the desire to flee.

Serrik rolled his neck, working out the kinks in his neck. He was getting old. Leisurely, he followed Clares tracks. She was running without purpose. It was a mad flight that would take her nowhere except back to where they had begun, or perhaps even, to their destination. He stopped to listen. She was loud as a carajut, the fat four legged creature with horns near its nostrils and a long thick tail that swept branches aside as it roamed their lands. He moved toward the right. She was attempting to return to the border of the forest.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So, what do you think?
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  1. Sounds like he'll find her soon enough. Great snippet and good to have you back, Elyzabeth.

  2. Lovely snippet. Instantly I was there with him, hearing her charging ahead. I loved the little word to describe a creature I don't know but as I read it and the snip of description I could see it. Excellent world building and the suspense grows each week. Clever.

  3. Well he's certainly the calm, jaded hunter. Somehow I hope she surprises him! Another excellent snippet...

  4. Fabulous snippet. I too can picture him calmly stalking her :-)

  5. She's obviously a spirited girl. Does she really want to get away from him?

  6. Clare clearly doesn't know what she'd up against. What's worse... I don't think she really took the time to consider it at all. It'll be fun to see how she reacts when cornered.

    However... not sure why you described the carajut the way you did. After all, Serrick knows what it is--he wouldn't describe it; he'd be noting a sound and saying to himself "was that a carajut? No, it must have been her." or something similar. The way you've written it... he's telling himself what it is so we as the readers will know...

    1. THat's a great observation, Eden. Thanks for pointing it out. You''re right, he's describing it for the readers but it would sound more natural if he didn't. Thanks!


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