Sunday, March 1, 2015

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Happy Sunday, lovelies!
I'm exhausted. It's been a very long week. I've had little sleep and frankly... I'm about ready to drop. But anyhow, today I'm including another snippet from my latest release, A Tempest of Passion
I think next week I might return to my current WIP.

I hope you're all having a great weekend!  

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#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences  

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

William searched her face. Her pulse beat erratically against his fingertips on her wrist and he leaned toward her. He only had but to move an inch and their lips would meet. 

“Release me.”

She tried to jerk away from him. Feigning nonchalance, William chuckled and leaned back against the seat, pulling her down with him and forcing her to place the flat of her palms against his chest. They burned through his clothes, kicking his heartbeat into a fiery storm and sending fire signals through his veins straight to his cock. 

“The more you pull, the stronger my grip shall be.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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A Tempest of Passion

Emily Bunsbury is most definitely not a fainter. She prefers to leave that sort of shenanigans to young debutants and to those desperate to land a husband. She is neither. 

Except last night she passed out and was rescued by none other than the town’s most eligible bachelor: William Dalton.  Of course, she wants nothing to do with him, but her heart and body don’t seem to be in agreement… 
Banished from his pack for a crime he did not commit, William Dalton does not have the desire or the time to court women, yet, when he meets Emily Bunsbury he is incapable of staying away. Certain that it is nothing more than a passing fancy and not the mating pull, he pursues her. 
However, as the unknown threat that expelled him from his pack strikes again, William realizes that Emily means much more and he must keep her safe. Now, if only she’d agree to his terms… 
As danger grows with each passing day, will the couple learn to trust each other or will their love be nothing more than a temporary tempest of passion? 


  1. Juicy. Can't wait to see what happens.

  2. Nice! Like two worlds colliding. :-)

    I hope you get some rest this week, Elyzabeth! :-)

  3. Consider not usinf fiery and fire in the same sentence. Steamy scene. I felt the heat and her drawing away.

  4. Such a yummy snippet, Elyzabeth. I'm loving these two :-)

  5. Oh, sexy snippet indeed. Great job, Elyzabeth and congrats on the new release. :)

  6. They seem evenly matched, which should be highly interesting! Enjoyed the excerpt :-)

  7. Steamy describes this excerpt. Well done.


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