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#WednesdayBriefs Make a Wish #fantasy #MF #romance

  Greetings darlings! 

That holiday I had on Monday helped me write this little brief. I hope you enjoy it! The prompt I used was:Help whenever you need it.


 Make a wish
The frantic beat of the drums followed her as she raced through the mountains. They were too near. The chorus of haunting voices echoed through the rocks as she slipped down a slope. She wouldn’t let them reach her. She couldn’t. Her life depended on it. She didn’t care that the Gods had to be appeased. She didn’t care about being the chosen one. She didn’t care for anything except leaving behind the terrible music that preluded the ceremony that would take her life.

Xandria bit back a scream as she stumbled in the darkness and grazed her knee against a sharp rock. Automatically she stood up and continued to run. She ignored the burn in her legs and the wet warmth. The moon lit her path as it rose across the sky. The twinkling stars gazed down at her, wondering what she was doing. Pity. Tears welled up in her eyes as she remembered the story of the stars.

“Pity,” one star said to the other as it looked down at the creatures roaming the earth. “I feel great pity for those souls.”

“Why is that? Their land is lush and beautiful and the mother Sun brightens their days and father Moon their nights. What more could they want?”

“To dream. To look up at us and see what we see. To see that beyond the world that surrounds them lies a galaxy of wonderment. To see that they are not alone in their tiny planet.”

“And how will you do that?”

“By lighting the sky with the Father Moon.”

And with that, Taekan, drew closer to Earth and lighted the sky with an inkling of its magic. The people of Earth spent their nights awake, staring at the tiny pinprick of light, wondering what it was. Jealous, the other stars started to show their faces and soon a world of magical lights and wonder opened up to the humans.

Xandria stopped to catch her breath. Her eyes immediately roved toward the starlit sky above.

“Pick a star, Xandria.”

She pointed to the bright little light that twinkled above the moon like a freckle on a woman’s forehead.

“Close your eyes. Do you see the star in your mind?”

“Yes, Pappa.”

“Now, think of something you truly want. Think of your heart’s desire and perhaps, the star will grant you your wish.”

Xandria closed her eyes. The same star appeared before her as it always did when she wished for something. She wiped away silent tears as she begged the glowing dot in the sky to help her. All her life she’d made wishes, but never before had she so vehemently wanted something as she did so now.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Her eyes snapped open. No. They were closing in on her again. How could it be? She ran to the edge of the mountain and skirted across the barely used path. Please let the cavern be where she remembered. Please, let no one remember it was there. Stones rolled into the plunging darkness feet below her as she blindly searched for the mouth of the cave. She could see the lights now. Please. Please. Please. Someone yelled something from the top of the mountain. She’d been spotted. Abruptly, someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her inside the cave she’d been searching for. Her air left her lungs as her back slammed against the rocky wall. A hard body immobilized her and a hand covered her mouth. Eyes bluer than the sky on a spring morning appeared before her.

 “Do not scream, little Xandria. You wished and I came. Help whenever you need it.

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