Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Brief: Your hump day dose of flash fiction

Welcome to another installment of Wednesday Brief! This weeks prompts were:

"Still crazy after all these years..."  or
find an interesting way to use spices in your story or

use: diamond, absolution, skirt  or

"Without you, I would be..." or

include a storm in your story

I went with the storm...and wrote 200 extra words which I had to delete to reach the maximum word count of 1000. Hope you enjoy it! The links to the other fabulous briefers are at the bottom ;-)  
The Witch's Storm

“Wind!” The air around her shifted. A small breeze gained speed until the trees around her bent their branches to the floor, leaving behind a trail of green leaves that were quickly swept away into nothingness. Her dark hair billowed behind her and her robe opened slightly at the top, revealing her creamy flesh, but she remained unaffected by the raging storm she was creating.

“Light!” Celeste clapped her hands above her head and a bolt of lightning illuminated the forest and the cave behind her. Thunder rolled in the rapidly darkening sky, the lighting bolts giving everything an eerie glow.

“Rain!” She swept her hands to her sides and immediately large drops of pelting rain began to fall. She smiled at the darkness around her, pleased with her craft. He would not escape her again. This time, he would listen. Turning her back on the downpour, she walked into the obscure cave. She thought about lighting a fire but quickly discarded the idea; certain that if he thought the cave occupied he would not come to it. Shivering slightly against her wet garments, she entered further into the tunnel and found her belongings. She curled onto her bedroll and waited for his arrival.

Celeste awoke with a start as a man stumbled into the dark cave, swearing loudly. She heard a loud crack as he hit his head against the roof of the entrance and had to stifle a giggle. Cursing, the man walked deeper into the cave, searching in his pack for what she guessed was flint and stone. She remained unmoving, waiting to see if he sensed her presence. Surely, he could hear her heart, beating so loud it almost drowned out the noise of the storm. What about her breathing? She was trying to control it, but knowing he was so close sent her on overdrive. She could smell him, rain, dirt, sweat, and his own particular scent that reminded her of woodlands and better days.

“Who is there?”

The glint of metal shone briefly as a particular lightning bolt struck the sky illuminating the inside of the cave.


Ah, the light had illuminated more than the sword.

“It is I, Alaine.”

“What are you doing here, witch?”

He heard him sheath his sword, but he remained in his position, perhaps afraid to come near her. She couldn’t blame him.

“I—I was waiting for you.”

He snorted. “How did you know?” He left the sentence unfinished. “Oh.” She sighed, imagining how his lips would have curved to form that perfect circle.With a flick of her wrist, fire sprouted in the midst of the cave.

“Alaine.” Her voice trembled with emotion and she had to swallow before she could utter another word. His features were stony as he glanced at her. No sign of the love he once bore. She sighed, and stood. At least he wasn’t looking away.

“How many times do I have to apologize?” Her voice broke and for a brief moment, she hated him for it. The most powerful witch in the region and here she was begging a man.

“You tricked me,” he snarled back at her, anger dancing in his eyes.

Celeste shook her head. “I did no such thing. I never would have used my powers on you.” She whispered. He turned his back on her and walked to the mouth of the cave.
“That’s your theory.” She barely heard the words before he stepped outside onto the fiery storm.  

“I never even knew I had them when we met.” Her voice rose to a shout as she ran to him, tears prickling the back of her eyes. Why couldn’t he believe her?
“Alain, please. It’s crazy outside you—“

She never completed her sentence as Alain’s mouth slammed over hers with desperation. She whimpered as he devoured her like a hungry wolf, licking her lips, then nibbling, then plunging his tongue into the recess of her mouth and tasting her as if she was the cure to all his maladies. He wrapped his arm around her waist, dragging her onto his body and forcing her to feel the strength of his muscles, and his growing arousal.

Trembling, her mind reeling, she tangled her fingers into his golden hair pulling him closer. His hold on her tightened and she moaned. He tasted like berries, like freedom, like desire. Her tongue stroked his, then licked, then sucked, enticing a groan from him.

His other hand travelled down the curve of her waist, skimming over her sex motivating liquid to rush to her core. She gasped when his fingers tugged at her hard nipple.


The moment was gone. He stepped back, covering his face with his hands. She took a step toward him but he pushed her away. Tears dropped freely from her eyes, rolling onto her cheeks and curving onto the rim of her mouth, leaving behind a salty trail of hopelessness.

“Damn it.” Alaine swore.

Before she could react, he was holding her against him again.

Confused, Celeste pushed him away. “Alaine—“

“I can’t, Celeste. I’ve tried. God knows I’ve tried. I don’t care if you’ve bewitched me. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Joy began to dance in her chest, but Celeste tampered it. “I didn’t bewitch, Alaine, you must believe me, I—“

“Damn it, Celeste.” He tugged her into his embrace again, tipping her head so she would stare straight into his cobalt eyes. “I know, my sweetling, I know.”

“But you just said—“

Alaine reached into his shirt and tugged.

“A beryl stone?”

“I was told that while wearing this magic would not affect me, yet I’m drawn to you like a moth to a flame.”

“You really believe me?”

“I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Celeste.” Alaine lowered his head until his forehead rested against hers. “I don’t deserve forgiveness but—“

Celeste placed her lips over her lovers. Her heartbeat joyfully, while the storm outside slowly faded away.


Nephylim     m/m
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Tali      m/m
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  1. Such lovely magic. These two have more story to tell, I think. :)

  2. Well damn, lol. You certainly heated up the page in a short amount of time!


  3. Aww that was a sweet one. Celeste is a little firecracker isn't she? I wouldn't mind her whipping up a storm for me ;) As for Alaine... if he had the Beryl from the start he was a bit unfair not to take her sooner.


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