Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Romance Novels, Filled with Passionate Love and Torrid Sex, Mislead Women

I just read this article on Time Magazine and I think they're forgetting the main point about romance novels: They're fiction. They help countless of women (and men) forget their sorrows and loneliness.
What would be the point of reading a romance novel that depicted the reality of a real relationship? To know pain, frustration, doubts, fear... we can look at the world around us.

Romantic fiction, just like any other fiction, is just that: Fiction. Imaginative magic.


  1. I heard about that news story. People read romance to escape, same reason they read fantasy or sci-fi. I think most of us women (especially married women) know there is definitely an element of fantasy in romance fiction, lol. But that's what makes them fun.


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