Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award!

Scarlett Knight has awarded me the Versatile blogger award. The recipient has to...
# Share 7 things about yourself
# Pass this award onto 7 bloggers recently discovered
# Notify recipients
# Link to the blogger who gave this award

Seven Things About Elyzabeth
1. I'm studying journalism because it's what I've wanted to do since 4th grade
2. I adore men with long hair
3. I love music and I can't live without metal music
4. I participate in www.kompoz.com
5. I want to visit Finland someday
6. I wear glasses because I have myopia and astigmatism
7. I have a really bad temper

It's a busy time of year, so I'm awarding anyone that wishes to do it ^_^

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