Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hot, hot, hotness!

Currently the temperature in Madrid is around 40º Celsius. The logical thing to do considering this awful heat is either to take a cold shower, have an ice cream or lie in front of a fan (or air conditioner, if you have one), but nooooooo my friends, instead I get hooked on True Blood again.
It is widely known that vampires give off no heat, but that is not the case with the True Blood cast. To the contrary, I believe those vamps are rising temperatures world wide.

There's a whole bunch of male characters to chose from, werewolves, shifters, or plain old humans...but the vampires are something special.
I haven't really decided whether I'm Team Bill or Team Eric yet, but I can't seem to get Eric's, aka actor Alexander Skarsgard's perfectly shaped buttocks off my mind... nor those blue-green eyes, that sweet and mischievous smile, those muscles...yummy... I think I'm salivating. LOL

Click on the pic to see it in full!

I better try and get some sleep. Sweet dreams ;-)

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  1. LOL I love the last pic. Yum. Yeah, Arlington has a high of 106 F today. We are officially the hottest place in the entire United States.


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