Friday, January 16, 2009

Will Smith and Gabriele Muccino

Last Monday January 12 actor Will Smith and movie director Gabriele Muccino came to my university to present their latest movie "7 pounds".
This movie, which came out in the States in December is being shown in cinemas starting today (January 16).
After previewing the movie and a few minutes of impatient waiting, Will Smith came into the auditurium embraced by applause and camara flashes. Behind him followed director Gabriele Muccino.
After the faculty's dean asked a question, the students were allowed to do the same. Unfortunately, it was the dean who was giving out the microphone and hand picking the students that were allowed to ask (he only gave the mic to the right side of the auditorium, the left side were several hands were raised -including mine- was ignored).
The first boy to ask, showed some cheek and after getting his Prince of Bel Air dvd signed, and a hug from Wll SMith, he asked his question. I don't recall all the questions that were asked, but in general...
"What would you say saves your soul?" (Smith answered that his wife, while Muccino said it was his children and being a father).
"What movie genre do you prefer?" (Comedy)
"What advice do you give to students who are pursuing a cinematographic career?"
I don't remember the rest, although there were only 2 or 3 more.
After that short bit, in which Will showed his friendliness, his domain of the spanish language and his good humour, they left.

It was a memorable day which left everyone in that auditorium with a big smile upon their lips.

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