Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#WednesdayBriefs: The Lion's Den 2

Hey lovelies! Happy Hump Day! Today's brief, is well, brief.

I wrote it on Friday with the idea of writing more later, but as it happened, I haven't had the time. I have my first class as an English teacher today and I've been freaking out a bit.
Anyway, I do hope you enjoy this short flash that continues off from next week and which will end next week (with, yes, a scene between the sheets, or should I say between the desks?) Hum... 

The Lion's Den 2

“I—“ She took a step back, her back bumping against the chair behind her. “Yes. I was wondering where everyone is.” She smiled faintly and took off the rest of her coat. Roughly, taking the towel from his hands she began to dry her hair.

“Let me.” Her jaw almost dropped to the floor as he took the towel from her suddenly numb fingers and softly massaged her scalp. She felt tiny as he took care of her. His body heat was like a blanket slowly wrapping around her and seducing her.

“Mr. Miettsen,” she said breathlessly as his fingers brushed against the top of her ear.


“I think this is inappropriate.” The words came out so quietly she wasn’t sure she had spoken them aloud.

“Do you?”

Was that amusement in his tone?  


His hands stopped working their magic on her scalp and she felt him move away. A worm of disappointment slithered down her throat and landed in her stomach in an uncomfortable coil.

“Look at me.”

She turned around and looked at him. He was reclining against another cubicle, his arms folded and his icy gaze leveled on her.

“You like me.”

It was not a question, so she remained silent.

“What’s the problem?

She cocked her head.


He burst out laughing, surprising her.

“Contrary to what people believe, I say some very stupid things, especially when my cock is so hard I can hardly move.”

"Did you really just say that?"

He shrugged. "Yeah, I said it, and now I have to live with it." Mr. Miettsen, Mikka ran a hand through his hair and sighed heavily. “I apologize, I shouldn’t have been so brazen.”

“I really do like you,” she blurted out. She covered her face with her hands, feeling the heat of a blush creep down her neck.

Strong fingers gripped her waist and tugged. She stumbled into his arms, grasping his shoulders to keep her balance.

“I like you too.”

She stared at him. It sounded so natural. Man liked woman, and woman liked man. Easy as pie, but there were other things to consider. Her work, his work, their colleagues, their –

“I’ve noticed,” he said softly, brushing back her hair from her face. “That you think too much.”

“Oh.” Angela laughed. “Yeah, my friends say that too.”

“Stop it.”


He grinned again. How was it possible that in less than 20 minutes she’d seen him smile more than in the past two weeks?

“Stop thinking. We’ll work it out.” He inched closer. Her breath hitched.

“We will?”

“Of course.”

Then his lips met hers and all rational thought vanished. Mikka’s lips pressed against hers gently. Again and again until she couldn’t take it anymore and she boldly threaded her fingers in his hair and pressed harder. His lips parted and her tongue snaked into his mouth. His groan shocked her and she froze for an instant before he pulled her so close she but melted into his firm body. Their tongues danced with frenzy, their hands pulled and tugged clothes aside, eager to find the unequal feel of skin against skin.
To be continued… 

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