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#WednesdayBriefs: The Lion's Den 1

Greetings lovelies!

I'm setting Rodric's story, Myths, Legends and Love aside for a while. Instead, I'm starting something new. My intention, from here onward is to keep stories to a maximum of 3 chapters. With that in mind, here is today's brief. The prompt is in bold. Enjoy! 

The Lion's Den 1

It had stopped being funny 30 minutes ago. She could already picture his reaction: 

As she ran into the office, head bowed, notebook and pen in hand, looking like a mess, he’d lean back on his chair and stare at her with those impossible blue eyes. He’d fold his hands in front of him and ask softly: “Is this a joke?”

She’d attempt to explain in a stammering mumble as he looked on at her, seemingly unfazed. Yet, beneath the lion’s calm demeanor lay a wild animal she would not be able to detain. Angelica shivered and focused on the road again as the driver behind her honked twice. They’d started to move again. Damn. If she hadn’t left her cell phone at home she could call him and explain, as it were, he was probably worried or mad or both. She drummed her fingers against the wheel, silently urging the cars before her to move. There was no way to know what had happened to create the jam, but considering the weather conditions she guessed it was an accident of some sort. The car behind her honked again.

“Fuck you,” she shouted. Tucking a strand of her behind her ear, she fought to remain calm. It would do no one any good to get into the office angry and upset. She was barely 20 minutes away. All she needed was the road to be clear and she’d be in his office in no time. Angelica sighed.

“You’re a wacko, Angie.”

It was her second week on the job and she was crushing hard on her boss. She wasn’t the only one. From what she’d been told all the females and some males in the office were madly in love with Mr. Miettsen. It was hard not to. The Nordic god with his cool light eyes and dark hair was over six foot tall and fitted into his navy blue suits like a glove.  Unfortunately, he only seemed to have eyes for his precious business.

Abruptly, the car in front of her moved. The vehicle behind honked again, impatiently.

“Good God, I’m going,” she muttered.

Just like it had begun, the road suddenly cleared out. A few more minutes and she’d be at the office, ready to be fired.

Angela raced up stairs. She burst through the door of the small office, cringing as it shut behind her with a loud clang. She stopped in her tracks, purse dangling off her shoulder, snow dripping from her hair and coat. Her keys dropped to the floor. She stared. It was empty. The office was empty—


She fumbled with her things and brushed her face out of her face as Mr. Miettsen emerged from his office. He looked as confused as she felt. His eyes hovered over her face, then slid downwards. Her cheeks burned and she crouched to pick up her keys and hide her embarassement.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t you get my message?”

“Message? What message?” God, her voice sounded whiny and high pitched. She jumped to her feet. An apology stuck at the back of her throat as he found him smiling at her. She blinked. Her breath hitched. Mr. Miettsen never smiled. A shiver racked down her back. Why on earth did he never smile? It softened his features and made him seem human, friendlier, kind... sexier than hell. She fumbled with the strap of her purse, desperately trying to not stare like a lovestruck teenager. His smile broadened and she couldn't help feeling that he knew the way he felt, knew the way her nipples were beading beneath her clothes at the sight of him.

“Come. Leave your things on your desk. I think Miranda has some towels in that cabinet of hers. You’re dripping wet.”

She watched him dumbstruck as he walked toward the cabinet at the back of the office. A thousand questions skipped through her mind but only one thought seemed to stick. She was alone with Mr. Miettsen. All the fantasies she'd had since she'd met him rushed forth. Her panties dampened, her lips dried. Fuck. 

"Where is everyone?" she asked.

Goosebumps sprouted over her flesh as he touched her shoulder and turned her around. Her pulse sped up and her mouth fell open as he fumbled with the zipper of her coat. slowly, he drew it down. 

"Didn't I tell you to take off your coat?" 

To be continued...

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