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#WednesdayBriefs: Myths, Secrets and Love - chapter 9

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! Today's brief is a little shorter due to time constraints on my behalf but here it is! I've used a picture prompt and some word prompts as inspiration. The words are in bold. Enjoy! 

Myths, Secrets and Love 9

Rodric stared hard at the tiny thing perched on Arjä’s shoulder. The fairy was as big as his
nose and dressed in green, giving it the appearance of an insect with wings. The thing beat its delicate wings and flew toward him. Rodric dug his fingernails into his palm, fighting the urge to swat at it. The tiny fairy poised herself on his nose. His eyes widened as he realized that though he could not understand her, he was staring back at very human eyes.

Ärja laughed and the creature flew back to her side.

“What’s so funny?”

“She says it is a shame you like men. You are quite handsome.”

“I don’t— Never mind.”

Rodric shuffled his feet. “Well, why are we here? What do they want?”


He nodded.

“They don’t want anything. We’re the ones that want something from them.”

“What? Your mother—“

“Told you a few things but there are  other things you need to know.”

“Was that you or the fairy speaking?”

Arjä chuckled. “It was Parisa. She says we have to follow the path to the end. There’s a magical clearing there.”

Without another word, Rodric turned on his heel and continued down the stone path.  Behind him, Arjä chatted silently with the creature. He tried to pick up on what they were saying, but was unable to understand a word. Sighing heavily, he concentrated on what lay ahead. Queen Lenara had told him that Fergus was three lands beyond the sun.

“What is that, a riddle? I thought you knew where he was?” He clenched his teeth and blinked quickly, struggling against the tears forming at the back of his eyes. Fergus was lost and he was neck deep in a blind chase.

“Calm down, Rodric. The land you seek has no name; it is called like that by those that know of its existence.”

“To reach it you must make three other stops and seek three things.”

“Rodric?” Rodric jumped at the soft touch of Arjä’s hand on his arm.

“Parisa says you must remove your shoes before stepping on the grass. It’s sacred.” Huffing, Rodric pulled off his boots and threw them aside.

“Good enough or do I need to take off anything else?” He spread his feet apart and opened his arms, exposing himself to Arjä’s less than amused gaze.

“Yes, that is fine.” Arjä rolled her eyes and nimbly side stepped him, taking the lead among the neatly trimmed blades of grass.

“All right, then,” Rodric snapped, marching behind her and ignoring the pleasurable way his feet sunk into the soft mat of green.

Rodric frowned. There was something in the distance, though what he could not fathom. From where he stood it looked like the glow of an eerie lamp.

“Arjä, what is that?”

He stared, rooted in place as he realized that the ball of light was coming toward them.
“What in the gods name?”

As sudden as a wave, the flying orb crashed against him. There was no pain or shock, only tingling pinpricks of warmth.

He felt lighter than he’d ever felt before. His worries dissipated. His exhaustion evaporated. It would be all right. He’d find Fergus and they’d be together again. A tingling sensation swept over him and he yawned. Something soft brushed his hand and he glanced down. A red bug was climbing up his arm. He thought of killing it but the tiny insect wormed its way under his shirt, making him laugh as its tiny legs tickled his arm. Another insect, this one blue, was climbing up his leg.

“Arjä, have you seen these creatures?” His voice sounded strange but he played it no heed. His jaw cracked as another yawn took over him. His eyes started to close. He chuckled as he thought about sitting down and squashing all the tiny insects crawling over his body. That would show them. His eyes started to drift close.

To be continued…

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