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#WednesdayBriefs: Myths, Secrets and Love - chapter 8

Hello darlings and Happy Wednesday! Are you up for some flash fiction? If you'd like to go back and read past chapters, please click here and scroll down to Myths, Secrets and Love. If you remember what happened in the last chapter, then, onwards!

*I have to admit a tweaked the prompt a tiny bit. Prompt (in bold letters) was originally "Can things get any worse?" I changed it to "could things get any worse." I hope am forgiven O:-)

Myths, Secrets and Love 8

Rodric trudged through the path in sullen silence. Arjä walked at his side clearly at ease. The woman was a constant source of irritation to him. She was, as Fergus would say, disgustingly pleasant. She was the sort of person he and his mate would poke fun at and yet, secretly admire. Rodric clenched his teeth. That was what grated him. He respected the wench.

From the moment she’d boarded the ship, she’d taken command of the situation. The men, asses as they all were, tried to intimidate her, but the unicorn princess took dirt from no one. When Gus tried to grab her ass, she’d delivered such a fine kick to his balls Rodric couldn’t keep his laughter pent up. Neither could the rest of the men once they realized that the old sailor would live.

Rodric glanced at the girl out of the corner of his eyes. She was sun burnt. The skin on her nose and forehead was peeling. Her hair was windswept and frizzy, the ribbon she’d used to tie it back being of little use as wild tendrils escaped here and there, constantly getting into her eyes. Her clothes – Rodric bit back a grin- Her mother had made her pack a trunk of pretty dresses but she’d found that trousers and stained yellow shirts were best to move around a ship. Three stinking days of travel and she’d become one of them. She wasn’t a prissy lady waiting to be served on hand and foot. Oh no. Arjä had taken it into her head that she would learn all she could and she’d eased herself into the role of apprentice sailor. She surprised him constantly and whether he wanted to or not he found himself watching over her. He was starting to care for the petite blonde like an older brother cared for a sister. Rodric cursed under his breath.

“What’s wrong?” Arjä asked.

“Nothing,” he snarled in reply. And to think they still had three more stops before they arrived to their destination. Could things get any worse? Darn Fergus. He couldn’t go and get himself kidnapped by normal pirates, of course not. Then again, it was better that he hadn’t. Traditional pirates would have probably killed him and tossed him to the sharks since day one. Rodric snorted. At least, he’d get the pleasure of killing the difficult redhead.
Reflexively, Rodric touched his finger to his lips. Rum and Chocolate. He sighed. Why did he ever have to get involved with such a complicated man? Fergus had been nothing but trouble from the moment they’d met. If he didn’t go out looking for it, then trouble found him. Like that day, after their kiss. Things could have been different if the town hadn’t been attacked and the rascal hadn’t decided that he was up for a good fight. Their kiss could have developed into something more, something—Rodric shivered. Perhaps, it was best it hadn’t. They were men. They were friends. They were bloody pirates and thieves. That moment in time had been nothing more than a drunken pass. Fergus had had too much rum and he had always been a natural explorer. All men had wondered what it was like to kiss another. Now, he knew and Fergus knew and they both agreed that women lips were better. He just needed a reminder of the taste of a woman’s heavenly body and he’d forget all about Fergus’s sweet mouth. Rodric glanced at Arjä as she stooped down to smell a flower from the garden maze they were walking through. He shook his head. No, definitely not. She was beautiful but she no longer stirred his loins in that way. What he needed was to get out of this land and on to the next. There were women in Port Chase. He’d been there before and he knew quite well that there were plenty of buxom wenches for hire. One touch of their soft flesh, one shove into their warm holes and –

“You think too much.”


Arjä pulled a loose strand of hair behind her ear and smiled at him.

“You think too much. I’m not sure you even realize that you do it so often. You give orders and move about the boat like a confident Captain, but a lot of the time you’re just staring into space, frowning. Your bottom lip curls downward and a wrinkle appears right between your eyes. It kind of looks like you’re smelling rotten fish.”

Rodric’s mouth fell open for an instant before he recovered and snapped it close.  

She laughed. “But you’re lost in some thought or another.” Arjä shrugged. “I think you worry too much. Why don’t you just let things progress naturally? Humans have such a short life span, why waste it worrying? Just because you liked something else before doesn’t mean you can’t like something else now. Maybe,” she paused, chewing on her bottom lip as if deciding whether or not to say her next words. Rodric cocked an eyebrow, spurring her on. “Maybe,” she whispered, “maybe, you always liked men but you let yourself be swept away by tradition.”

“Maybe you should keep your bloody thoughts to yourself,” Rodric bit out the words, snapping his jaw shut so he wouldn’t scream at the unicorn princess to mind her own fucking business. Like men since forever? Him?

“Where are those ingrate fairies?”

“Oh, right here.” Arjä looked at her shoulder. “I thought you knew that I was,  um, translating for her. Rodric Belavue, allow me to introduce Lady Parisa of the Vilafée”

To be continued… 

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