Sunday, January 19, 2014

#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: The Golden Cock

Happy Sunday, darling readers!

Thank you once again for taking a moment of your day to stop by and read my snippets. Though I take a little while in answering, I do appreciate all your comments and thoughts.

Today I'm continuing the snippets from the Naughty Fairy Tale, The Golden Cock.  As I mentioned in earlier Snippets (you can read them here and here), this little baby has grown into a series. Book 2, Blind Beauty will be out sometime soon ( I hope). As soon as I start getting edits and stuff from it, I'll be switching novels so you can catch some glimpses of that story. Currently, and though the work is slow, I'm working on book 3. *smiles*

Anyway, today's snippets happens some time after Vincent met with Soussanna. This is the first time Brielle hears of him and it is one of my favorite scenes. 

#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences  

“Well, there is a young lad in town.” Christabelle flushed. “It is murmured that his––” she paused, “penis is more than adequate for those that seek pleasure.”

“The golden cock, I heard you.” She smiled and Christabelle returned the gesture.

“Yes, that is how he is known.”

“Have you tried him, Christabelle?” 

The woman’s pale skin turned crimson, her mouth falling open in surprise.


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The Golden Cock 

Kind-hearted Vincent Stowe spent years with an inferiority complex until, one day, after accepting to help an older woman with an odd request he receives a life-changing gift.

“Ice Duchess” Brielle is desperate for a solution to her inability to orgasm, so when word about a man with a magical cock reaches her ears, she decides that he just might be what she needs.

Will Vincent’s "Golden Cock" be enough for the "Ice Duchess", or will something else come to play along the way?

Be Warned: multiple partners, MFM, FFM, m/m sex, f/f sex

Available at:


  1. H\eh heh, I can so picture this scene.

  2. Fun little scene, I enjoyed her discomfiture at the end! Great snippet!

  3. LOL. Yummy. I've got this ready to read soon.

  4. LOL- Fabulous- the golden cock!


  5. Lol! I can totally see her blushing. Fun snippet. :)

  6. Whoa. How charming and the topic of conversation is way too much fun. Thanks.


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