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#WednesdayBriefs: Fire the Year

Happy New Year, lovelies!

What better way to celebrate the start of a new year then with a little flash fiction? I have to admit that writing today's flash was a bit of a struggle and I'm not too happy with the ending (it feels rushed) but I still hope you enjoy it and like I said yesterday, I hope you all have a wonderful 2014 and that we can see it together. 

Fire the year

Cináed lurked in the shadows, watching. Laughter, music and joy filled the streets. It was what the humans called “New Year’s Eve”, a silly celebration that served to count the beginning of a new year. Cináed snorted. As if time could be measured.

He observed the passing groups of men and women dressed in fancy outfits, and in diverse states of intoxication. A mischievous grin lit his features. It was a fine day to cause havoc.

Liquid fire burned through his veins alerting him of a presence. His slit like eyes widened as he spotted the woman. She was tall and curvy, with blonde locks that hung half way down her back. Blind to her seductive air, she chatted amicably with a group of friends. His mouth watered as she passed near him and her scent filled his lungs. Exotic. The hunt would, no doubt, be exciting.

With a vigorous shake, he got rid of any remnants of his wyvern heritage and stepped into the light. A group of women that passed by at that moment giggled loudly as they caught sight of him. Cináed winked at them, causing more feminine titters to fill the air. He knew his human form was out of the ordinary, for he’d been told repeatedly by his victims.

“Oh, Kenneth –they used his human name- your eyes are like the brightest stars.”
“Oh, Kenneth, your smile lights up the room.”
“Oh, Kenneth you’re so tall, and rugged and hard, and mmm, Kenneth, that feels so good.”

Oh, yes, he was all that and more. He was also known as that bastard, poisonous snake, forked tongue, devil, among other names. Cináed grinned as he entered the first pub to the left, immediately spotting the blonde at the back with her friends.

It wasn’t his fault that women were attracted to him and swallowed his lies like water. He didn’t care for their feelings, but he didn’t want to purposely hurt them either –okay, sometimes he did- but the thing was, that he had to feed. There were other ways for him to get his nourishment, but the best kind was the passionate fire built between two bodies. He didn’t need to feed every day, so it wasn’t like he was breaking hearts on a daily basis, just like once a week. He patted his firm stomach. It was a miracle he kept in such good shape. Miracle mingled with a good dose of exercise.

Cináed ordered a drink and leaned in a practiced nonchalant pose against the bar nearest to the beauty he planned to ravage that night. Taking a sip out of his beer, he waited.


He frowned. That was unusual. Normally, his modus operandi was flawless. Reach out to the victim with a little fire magic until she turned around. Then he’d draw her in like a fish on a line, initiate a short conversation, buy her a drink and they’d be out of there.  Beauty was not responding. She hadn’t even glanced his way. Puckering his lips in what he knew was an unbecoming gesture; he considered replacing the delicious woman. His eyes scanned the crowded room but nothing caught his interest.  A low growl burst from his lips. Very well, he’d have to act boldly. Squaring his shoulders, he slid toward the sexy vixen and purposely bumped against her.


Fire raged through him in a volcanic surge. What was wrong? He was heat, light, pure sexual energy to any woman. Why not this one? Downing the rest of his drink, he set the cup aside and froze when the blonde whipped around.

“What do you want, Wyvern?”  She hissed, in a low seductive voice that made his cock twitch in his jeans.  His jaw dropped as recognition kicked in.

“Witch,” he snarled.

“That was the kindest of your insults last time we met.” A shadow of a smile crossed her face as she seemed to remember their previous meeting. His heart constricted painfully as he too recalled their last encounter.

“What are you doing here?” he blurted, crossing his arms over his chest in what, he hoped, was a commanding posture, though with Sandrina one could never be sure.

“Same as you. Searching for fire.” Her brown eyes widened at the last words, a luminous glow coming from within.

“You won’t find it here. They’re all too drunk for the sort of thing you need.”

“Perhaps, you can help me.” She placed a hand on his shoulder, the touch sending sparks of electricity over his flesh and straight to his groin area.

“It didn’t work for us last time, Sandrina. What’s to say it’ll work now?”

She moved in closer, her body pressing against his in an unspoken promise.

“Because I’ve been wet ever since I sensed your presence outside, Cináed. Because touching you, has brought back memories of you and me, together, tangled as one, burning bed after bed, night after night. Because several centuries have passed and –“

“You know I want more,” he ground out, stepping away from her alluring warmth. “That hasn’t changed, Sandrina.”

Cináed watched as her lips tightened into a thin line and her throat worked furiously as she swallowed several times.

“I’ve missed you.”

He cocked his head, surprised by her admission and the truth shining in her eyes.

“You have?”

She nodded. “After you left, I looked for you, but I couldn’t find you.”

“I kept in the shadows.”

“And then I heard about all the others and I thought—“

“I didn’t want you.” Cináed closed the distance between them, tangling his fingers in her long hair. He tugged, tilting her head back. “I never stopped wanting you.”

Cináed claimed her mouth in a slow lingering kiss, throwing all caution to the wind and reminding her, if only for a night, just how much she always meant to him. When he pulled back, tears rolled down her cheeks.

 “Come on, baby. It’s time to set the New Year on fire.”

 The End
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*Just as a side note, in case you're wondering, I do intend to continue with Rodric and Myths, Secrets and Love next week :-) 

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  1. I'm getting caught up - love the line - swallowed his lines like water. Kinda worried about the two of them setting New Year on fire. Onto to the next post.


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