Saturday, November 9, 2013

#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: Sinsperationally Yours Anthology: Blue Horns

Happy Sunday, my friends!

I haven't forgotten to sign up this week *grin* Today's sentences belong to my story in the Sinsperationally Yours Anthology which releases This week! We will be having an all day Facebook party to celebrate (exclusive excerpts, giveaways, alcohol, laughter and more) so if you'd like to join us let me know in the comments and I'll invite you.

In these 8 Mandy is discovering what happens when she touches her horns...

#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences  

Now this: blue horns. As if their natural pinkish hue wasn’t enough. Fingering the horn closest to the top of her ass, she shivered as a current of lust traveled straight to her groin.

“That’s new,” she whispered, touching the spot again. She pressed her thighs together as liquid arousal pooled between her legs. Reaching a little higher, she caressed the next blue point. Her breasts swelled, her nipples growing hard and sensitive. Touching the next one, she moaned loudly as her clit throbbed. 

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Sinsperationally Yours Anthology


Blue Horns
When Mandy wakes up to a set of blue horns down her back, she doesn’t think much of them, after all, she is the daughter of an incubus and has learned to live with certain demonic traits. 

The problem is that those blue horns are a direct line to all her erogenous zones, leaving her in a permanently aroused state that she cannot get rid of no matter how hard she tries.

Desperate, she visits the doctor and discovers that she’s in the final stages of a succibi/incubi disease that only has one known cure: finding her soul mate.

With time playing against her, will Mandy find a cure to her Blue Horns or will she be doomed to a loveless life?


  1. Oh wow! Horns eh?!

    Happy release day x

  2. Now, these horns sounds rather yummy ;-)

  3. Happy Release day, congratulations! Wow, this is a really intriguing concept. I love it. Talk about hitting the spot, or several of them.

  4. I'm thinking if she keeps playing with her horns...she may not find her one true love...hope she can stop touching herself ; )

  5. Now THAT is a situation. Wow. Just a fascinating excerpt today, very original!

  6. Wow, those blue horns are making her so sensitive.


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