Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Enough Games" A Dragon's Heart, A Demon's Blood #8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors #paranormal #romance

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

Once more I'm sharing a snippet from A Dragon's Heart, A Demon's Blood. Last week we finished with

“I'd like to make you an offer.".

I've skipped a few lines in whih the Demon Queen tries to seduce Adrian before telling him her offer, what follows is Adrian's reaction. 

BTW, to those who celebrate: Happy Halloween! 
 *This snippet has been edited to keep to guidelines.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tired of her games and careless for his life, Adrian got on his feet. His reward was a barely audible gasp from the queen. Zendaya was a splendid succubus and she knew just how to stoke the male ego. It was quite a shame she was bothering to waste her charms on him. Facing her head on, he gazed into her eyes. Interesting, how they had changed to a shade of purple. The color of passion for the demons, he recalled a previous lover telling him. Unimpressed, he squared his shoulders, planted his feet firmly on the ground and crossed his arms over his chest. Enough. 
“What is it you have to offer me, sugar, besides the obvious?”
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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A Dragon's Heart, A Demon's Blood


He is a shadow in the dark, smelling your scent and sensing your fear...

Legendary bounty hunter Adrian Ormonde is no ordinary man. His life is filled with secrets and questions, blood and lust. His only concern for 150 years has been survival and discovering the truth behind his demon-dragon nature.
Until he meets his new assignment: Victoria Green.

Victoria Green has felt eyes watching her every move ever since she can remember. Then, Adrian appears. The eyes vanish but new dangers arise as she falls for the mysterious hunter. Cast into an ancient conflict between dragons and demons, Victoria must trust Adrian’s skill to be enough to protect her from both the outside world and that which grows within her.

Chance brought them together but will love and passion be enough to keep them joined? Or will the other forces at play in the dragon-demon worlds destroy them forever?

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  1. Heh, she's met her match, hasn't she? Great snippet :-)

  2. Oh, I like him!! Nice snippet, Elyzabeth.

  3. Wow, I wonder how she'll react to that. Great snippet! :)

  4. I am with Nancy! I like his attitude, Elyzabeth

  5. I am with Nancy! I like his attitude, Elyzabeth

  6. Too funny. It's like "What's in it for me, babe" Super snippet.

  7. Sexy and fearless. My kind of hero.

  8. He's after something special. Great snippet

  9. When I got to "how to stoke the male ego" I read stroke. LOL Great snippet.

  10. He's a brave man. Like Diane I read 'stroke' instead of 'stoke'. I had to go back to read it. Great snippet.

  11. Ooh, he's a bold and brave guy all right. I like his attitude but I bet she doesn't. Excellent excerpt.

  12. Uh oh. Now what happens? I think it ccould go a couple of different ways here. he's awfully cocksure! lol Great snippet, Elyzabeth!

  13. Oooo I'm liking Adrian more and more! :D


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