Sunday, April 24, 2016

#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: Beauty in the Beast #fantasy #power

Happy Sunday, guys!

I just got my second round of edits for Beauty in the Beast. Release day shall be coming soon! Yay!
In last week's snippet Morgana and Christopher were discussing the meaning of power and you all seemed to agree that he's a baddie that was going to create some trouble for her. *grin* I'll just say, that she's not that easy either. 
Anyhow, their conversation on power and humanity continues, but I don't want to reveal it all, so instead I'm jumping further ahead so you can see that Christopher doesn't only talk, he also acts.
Edits have taken place to keep to WeWriWa guidelines. 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We should be close to the first stop of our little trip soon.”
“First stop?”
Christopher smiled as he noticed the tiny wrinkle of worry over her brow.
“It’s a two day ride to Belmont, my lady. You didn’t expect us to travel through the night, did you?”
“Why yes, as a matter a fact, I did, Mr. Bexley for I am in great haste to reach my destination.”
Christopher shrugged. This was what he lived for. Morgana’s eyes darted from him to the side as she rapidly spoke about  the Gods sense of humor, having to ride with him, and other stuff he didn’t quite understand or care for. The important thing was  he had disrupted her voyage for as much as he wanted to find the Gem, there was always time for a bit of trouble.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Beauty in the Beast
Light will become shadow. Love will become hate. Good will become evil. The Darkness is here. There will be no escape.
Morgana Wiles has spent her life, alongside her mother, fighting against the arrival of the creature known as The Darkness. Unfortunately, neither of them were able to stop him and now he's here, ready to destroy all that is good in the world. Morgana must face him, but now that the time has come, she finds that things are not as simple. Her mother is gone, self-doubt is creeping in, and her visions are unclear. To make matters worse, a man with evil intent has entered her life and is bent on complicating her mission. Will she be able to resist him in time to fight The Darkness or will she succumb and become that which she despises?
Christopher Bexley is no gentleman. He enjoys trickery, deceit, mischief and above all seduction. Sexual intercourse is the greatest source of power there is or at least there was, until he heard about the Gem. Now that he has discovered there's a stone that can make him the most powerful magic user of all time, he must have it. The only problem is that the only other person that might know where it is, is a stickler for rules and being good. Morgana is too innocent for his liking, and there's only one thing he can do to change that: corrupt her.


  1. I agree with him. Great excerpt. I am intrigued by his plans for the upcoming stop too.

  2. Hmmm... define a "bit of trouble". This could be interesting! Good snippet, Elyzabeth. :-)

  3. Yes! Yes! Always time for a little trouble! Fun snippet!

  4. He's really pretty mischievous! Hope she doesn't mind the "trouble." :-)

  5. Ah... Naughtiness afoot. I suspect her anticipation of it is going to cause her some anxious moments. He is very sure of himself... And that is very sexy. Nicely done, Elyzabeth

  6. Ah... Naughtiness afoot. I suspect her anticipation of it is going to cause her some anxious moments. He is very sure of himself... And that is very sexy. Nicely done, Elyzabeth

  7. Like totally mischief on the way. Beware.

  8. He's so much trouble, I love it!

  9. Uh oh, Christopher sounds like a real problem for her! Fascinating snippet, loved the details that he isn't even really listening to her.

  10. What is he up to now? lol

  11. Always time for a bit of trouble? Why do I suspect something of a sensual nature?


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