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Happy Sunday, lovelies!

Thanks to the lovely Veronica Scott it came to my attention that the name Riddick was already in use by a popular sci-fi character played by Vin Diesel. The also lovely author, Siobhan Muir, suggested the name Serrik as a substitute and it sounds great! So, unless something happens, from now on Riddick will be Serrik.

Thanks Veronica and Siobhan for your help! And thanks to all the readers and commentors for all of your comments and thoughts! The story is slowly shaping up.

Finally, before we go on to the snippet, if you didn't have a chance, you can have a look at Serrik's visual inspiration here.

On to today's snippet:

Let's recap: Clare (aka Luna), has met a mysterious, yet hunky, alien who's come to take her back to his home. She believes he's Mikelo, the alien boy she'd met twenty years ago... but he's presented himself as Serrik. In shock, Clare doesn't know how to react. Serrik taunts her and asks her why she is not screaming...

Creative editing has taken place to keep to the guidelines.

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*creative editing to keep to the guidelines has taken place* 
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 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She shrieked. 

Serrik clapped his hand over her mouth and moved in so close she could feel the heat coming from his body. Gently, he tilted her head back.

"A brave attempt, little one, but far too late for that.His upper lip trembled as he clearly fought off a smile. He failed miserably and flashed his pearly white teeth down at her. Clare Luna, you aren't screaming because you are not truly afraid,  you know my people, you have met the Feardrako before. You heard the sound and you came. Twice. Your destiny is tied with our people, whether you want it to or not.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Your thoughts?

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  1. I like the new name. I think it works well. Loved the snippet too.

  2. Super good eight. Intense and giving the reader a lot of information. Also he's HOT!

  3. The new name is a good idea. I like the premise you've set up here. I can see conflict brewing and it makes me want more.

  4. I like it! There's a ton of character building in this short snippet, Elyzabeth.

    And I really like that there's a hint of a prophecy there. Excellent :-)

    The visual inspiration really isn't Riddick at all--but he rivals him in heat level. Whew! ;-) I like your name choice. :-)

  5. Oh my, oh my, that's quite a promise or is that a threat? lol Fab Snippet.

  6. Intriguing. My first visit, so I went back and read the other weeks. I wonder why she thinks he's the alien boy from her past, yet he claims he's not. Yes, intriguing...

  7. I LIKE it! So intriguing that her destiny is tied to his people. and I'm wondering what happened to the boy she did meet so long ago...great stuff, fun excerpt!


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