Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Brief! Your Hump Day Dose of Flash Fiction!

Happy Hump Day! After a few weeks absence I've finally returned to Wednesday Brief!  This week's prompts were:  "Yesterday, you said..."  or

Use: blessing, blacksmith, blunder or 

"When did you become such a ---?"

use some sort of dance in  your story or

use: trail, whisper, divine or

"Maybe next time we can...."

I went for the dance prompt. Enjoy!And as always the links to the rest of the Briefers are at the bottom. 

The musicians played a faint tune. Flutes and strings rang softly in the hall as the minstrel’s voice rang out like a clear bell. She sang of the sorrows of the Queen of Herrin, who went in search of love but only found grief.
The beat picked up and dancers moved towards the floor, the soft pitter-patter of female slippers in sharp contrast with the men’s boots. The sound of bagpipes filled the air, and the dancers began to move: Left, right, one-step forward, curtsy, repeat and change partners. Skirts soared as the women turned and were grabbed by a new partner. Laughter hung in the air. The pace of the music quickened. One, two, three, it told them how to move. She turned and faced the bluest eyes she had ever seen. The stranger smiled at her and she almost lost her step. Again curtsy and change of partner. She lost sight of the masked stranger as someone else whisked her away. The drums beat loudly, the minstrel sung louder. Some more steps, turns, steps, curtsy, turn and change. She found herself once again facing the stranger, his eyes looking at her playfully through the adorned mask. Her brown eyes crinkled as she smiled back and the tune wound to an end. They bowed to each other and the musicians stroked another song. The minstrel began to sing again, this time of springs and good harvests. When she turned to look at the stranger, he was gone. Whisked away by another, she was soon caught up in the dance. Flutes, cymbals, feet scurrying, hands clapping, people laughing. It was all a wheel turning and turning. Once again, she felt his strong arms holding her waist, lifting her. They were the first to go through the arch of hands. Separating, they waited for the others to go through, dancing all the time.
A change of rhythm was introduced as a harp began to play, the minstrel accompanying it, singing songs of love. She found herself in his arms, swaying to the music, in soft slow steps as they turned over and over. Her skirt flew around her, making her dizzy. The minstrel began to sing in an olden language, but she understood it.
“The lovers have met; they reach for each other and begin the dance of love”
They sway. The partners circle one another and reach for their fingertips. She kept to the rhythm. As they danced, their eyes, burning with intensity, do not part.
“Dusk fell on the lovers and the stars came out to celebrate their love,” the minstrel continued singing.
They moved to the music. It was as if the room was empty and they were the only ones dancing. The beat became slower; indicating the song was about to end, yet their gazes did not separate. It was almost done. He brought her to him and whispered in her ear

“Lovers entwine, and yet they must part.” His voice was rich and husky, making her skin crawl. He turned her over and let go of her hand. When she looked again, he was gone.

 She stood in the middle of the dance floor, her heart beating fast, her eyes searching the crowd, looking for a glimpse of the man with the blue eyes. The music ended, and she spotted him leaving the room. She took a step forward when a hand grabbed her arm.

“My lady,” Kala, her lady in waiting whispered, “Perhaps you’d like some refreshments?”

Catriona nodded absent mindedly; she still felt those blue eyes on her.

“Who was he Kala?” 

To be continued...
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  1. Oh, this is a promising start! Sexual tension and intrigue. :)

  2. How intriguing. A man with blue eyes. A woman with a lady in waiting. Someone important then. Hmm... exciting.

  3. Okay, it may just be me but I couldn't find the share button to tweet/fb it

    1. That's because I didn't have them, but thanks to your heads up I just added them ;)


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