Sunday, May 19, 2019

The song of the unfulfilled ~ Weekend Writing Warriors on Alpha Protectors 4 #paranormalromance #fantasy

Happy Sunday, everyone!
It's been a bit of a crazy week but the weekend is finally here, though it's been equally busy.
I heard back from beta readers, so I'm putting the finishing touches on Alpha Protectors 4 and submitting it. *gulp* It's always so nerve-wracking. 
Since I'll be submitting it soon, this will be the last snippet of the story for a while. :)
Please keep in mind that a lot of editing has taken place to comply to guidelines.


*Some creative punctuation has taken place to adjust to guidelines 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
   There was something in this place,: living, breathing, controlling. The knowledge burned in her core, spreading heat and fire through her limbs. More- More- More. It sang a song of ravenous desire, pounding in her brain like a hammer on an anvil. Building, growing, becoming the center of all eyes. More, more, more, better, greater. A cult to him. A glint of gold flashed behind her lids and she toppled backwards. 
. Killian caught her, and helped her sit on the bed.
A shudder racked her body and she shook her head, aiming to dissipate the never-ending song of the unfulfilled.
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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  1. Well done, my friend. It's a winner.

  2. Whoa! What a powerfully built scene! Nice job!

  3. Definitely something powerful in that place. All the best with this submission!

  4. Dark, raw power just oozes from this snippet. No wonder she falls out! Very powerful scene!

  5. WHOA! That snippet built and built and just wow. That's some terrific writing there...can't wait to read more.

  6. Good luck with your submission. This scene is so powerful. Scared me.

  7. Wow, this passage sure is building toward . . . something. Good job.


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