Saturday, May 25, 2019

She was perfect ~ Weekend Writing Warriors on Alpha Protectors 4 #contemporary #romance #BDSM

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today I'm sharing a snippet from my upcoming release, Open (Lust, love, Darkness), which will release on the 31st of May. Wohoo!

This is an erotic romance story, but I'll try to keep the snippets from being too hot ;-)


*Some creative punctuation has taken place to adjust to guidelines 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Marcus sipped at his soda, wishing it were something stronger so his libido would subside. Who was he kidding? Looking at her would get him aroused regardless of the amounts of alcohol he drank.
She was perfect. Everything he’d ever fantasized about: luscious curves, ample bottom, tits which would fit his hands, and a mouth made for sucking and screaming out his name.
Gabi. Her last name was of no consequence. Neither was her first name. Years ago, he’d known her as Abby. What mattered was that when he made her his, he’d refer to her as “kitten”.
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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  1. His attitude toward her isn't exactly what would be called 'enlightened', is it?

  2. And I wonder how those thoughts of Gabi would make her feel?

  3. I'd love to read her thoughts about him. If she feels the same way, this will be hot for sure.

  4. I'm thinking the alcohol would make it worse! Oooooh, backstory relationship. Can't wait to find out what it is.

  5. She sounds more like a lioness than a kitten LOL, in terms of how much he desires her. Wow, hot snippet this week!

  6. Sounds like I'm not the only one wondering what would happen if she dominated him and started calling him kitten! ;)

  7. Well done, my friend. Hot and heavy!


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