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#TNTConfidential Author spotlight on J.R.Gray (@booksbygray) & Character Interview with the guys from Legally Bound

Greetings guys and dolls! Today I have two sexy men popping in for a visit at the blog plus their author J.R. Gray. Read on to discover more about this Dom, his sub, and their fab story, Legally Bound.

The last thing Daniel, a hard-working public defender, expected to see the morning after a one night stand was his hook up staring back at him from the wrong side of the law. Assigned to work his case, Daniel vows to keep things professional with Rafael but has a hard time controlling his craving for dominance, the control and the connection they shared. Rafael, a paid dominant in the Chicago underworld, has been dealing with a cop problem for far too long. Used to sex with no emotion, hes entranced with Daniels submission, his innocence, andcould there be something more? Can Daniel clear Rafael's name, keeping him out of jail and in his life, with the odds, a cop, and the mounting evidence against them?

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Welcome Daniel and Rafael to In A Dream Beyond, my little blogging home. It´s a pleasure to have you both here with me at the #TNTConfidential spotlight. How are you guys?
Both men walk in, there is a brief moment where Daniel looks at Rafael expectantly. Rafael smiles as he pats the seat next to him on the sofa.
Daniel sinks down into the seat and shifts. "We are really good, gearing up for our next book."
"I would have to agree."

Can you tell us a bit about your story?
Daniel looks down at his feet for a moment. "Sure, it all starts when I walk into the courthouse Monday morning, and see Rafael, who had been my one night stand the night before, staring back at me in cuffs."
"Please go on, I like hearing this from your point of view." Rafael barely controlled his chuckle.
"Well you had given me my first taste of submission the night before and I liked you. So I was disappointed to see you there, as well as embarrassed as Jesse, my partner, was making fun of me." Daniel glances over at him. "I saw a different side of you, cold and angry, but I wanted to believe you were innocent, and I wanted to help you."
"You wanted more, boy."
Daniel shifts in his seat and nods. "Hey wait! I've never got to hear it from your side of view. Spill."
Rafael laughs. "Maybe another day."

Daniel, what do you least like about Rafael? And most?
"He likes to do everything himself. He thinks he can take care of himself, so sometimes that makes it really hard to help him, like when he struggles with McCoy and the legal trouble."
Rafael half shrugs. "I spent my whole life taking care of myself. It's hard to break that habit."
"Most, I would have to say his protective nature and possessiveness. I love when he gets a little jealous."
Rafael mutters, "Ty," under his breath. 

How about you Rafael?
"Daniel sometimes has a hard time being open with me. I know he struggles with it in book two. I want him to learn to completely trust me."
Daniel nods looking at his feet again.
"He would do anything for those he cares about. He puts his heart and soul into helping me, and he was the first one who, aside from George, really believed in me. That felt and feels amazing." He slides his arm around Daniel's back.

You both partake in a BDSM relationship, what advice would you share with the readers that would like to try some kinky sex?
"Find a good group, or person who can help you. Be safe about it, and start slow," Rafael said. "There are many wonderful people who train and teach. Lot's of BDSM groups around the world do breakfast meet ups it's a great way to sink your teeth in and meet people."
Daniel leans into Rafael. "Also, I would say, don't be ashamed of who you are and what you like. Not everything is for everyone, and don't judge others for what they like."
"Good point. BDSM is different for everyone," Rafael agrees. 
What do you guys enjoy doing on a lazy Sunday morning?
"Staying in bed, then brunch some place in the city," Daniel laughs.
"You're such a gay guy." Rafael looks over at him.
Finally, what is your dream?
"A nice calm happily ever after would be nice," Rafael says.
"Our author is too much of a sadist to give us that," Daniel adds.

Heating up the cool: September quickie
Favorite color
Rafael - Red
Daniel - Green

Favorite scent
Rafael - "Leather."
Daniel - "How Rafael smells after a scene.""

Favorite food
Daniel- "Ball park hot dogs at Wrigley. They taste different when you eat them at the stadium."
Rafael- "Feijoada It's comfort food."
Favorite song
Rafael - "80's metal, music hasn't been good since then."
Daniel - "Queen - We will rock you."

A book to read this month
"Ours!" They say together.
"But if you had to make me pick The Saint by Tiffany Reisz."

Complete this phrase: Keep Calm and
Rafael - "Try BDSM."
Daniel - "And keep your mouthful?"

What you look forward to this month

Daniel - "FootBall!"
Rafael - "The air show."


Daniel scanned them, looking for anything interesting to lift the dreary Monday, and his eyes went wide when they landed on the face of the man whose bed he had been in last night. Oh shit, he said too loudly, drawing the attention of the bailiff. He waved her off, muttering, Nothing.
            What? Jesse hissed.
            I fucked one of our cases last night, Daniel admitted, knowing he would get it out of him one way or another. There was no point fighting his partners excellent extraction skills.
            Which one? Jesse asked, looking over his shoulder, way too amused.
            He tried to nod subtly to one of the prisoners.
            You have to give me more than that. Jesse stood up and blatantly turned around to study the men sitting in the rows behind them.
            Stiffening in his seat, Daniel tried to keep his back to the man he had seen every naked inch of, as well as had his tongue buried inside of, till the early hours of the morning.
            Dark hair, six feet plus, green eyes. He tried to speak out of the corner of his mouth so no one could read his lips.
            The one with the sleeve tattoo and the huge arms? Jesse asked.
            Yeah, he answered in a low, sheepish voice.
            I knew it was that one. You so have a type. Jesse flipped back around to take his seat once more. He instantly went for the files, lifting up folders and setting the large stack right in front of him.
            What are you doing? Daniel kept looking over his shoulder to see if the guy showed any signs of recognition.
            Whats his name? He didnt look up from the stack of files as he spoke.      Rafael, he whispered as his face flushed just saying his name. What are you doing?
            Figuring out what your lay did, Jesse said, positively glowing by now.
            I really hate you, he responded, pulling at his tie and trying to loosen it.
            Youll thank me later. Jesse hummed, plucking out the file and flipping it open. Oh, hot damn, you picked a good one.
            Daniel snatched the file out of his partners hands, his eyes going wide. Life just got a little more interesting.
            All through the arraignment hearing, he found it hard to keep his mind off the previous night spent at Rafaels apartment. Theyd had an instant connection. He groaned to himself as it became increasingly hard to focus.
            Do you think he did it?
            Who knows, but how many innocent men do we represent?
            Daniels stomach knotted. He didnt want the allegations to be true. Good point.

Available at: Evernight Publishing   || Amazon

About J.R. Gray

When not staying up all night writing, J.R Gray can be found basking in the warm glow of the Miami sun, or at the gym where it's half assumed Gray is a permanent resident. A dominant, pilot, and sword fighting enthusiast, Gray finds it hard to be in the passenger seat of any car. Gray frequently interrupts real life, including normal sleep patterns, to jot down nonsense. The bane of Gray's existence are commas, and even though it's been fully acknowledged they are necessary, they continue to baffle and bewilder.

If Gray wasn't writingwell, that's not possible. The build up of untold stories would haunt Gray into an early grave or possibly a mental institution where the tales would end up on the walls in crayon and finger paint.


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