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#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: Bear Heart #TheWitchesMischief4

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Edits for Bear Heart have been sent back, so I hope to have a release date and/or cover real soon! Last week I left you with Simon meeting a young witch (you can read that here). Today, I'm going to leave you with that suspense. I've decided to bring things up a notch and give you a glimpse of  a different part of the story. A few things have happened but in these lines what you need to know is that Simon is sitting at the edge of a stream, thinking about Maggie and his hopeless existence as a bear/man. Suddenly,  he hears a voice. Creative editing has taken place to keep to guidelines.

Thanks for reading!

*creative editing to keep to the guidelines has probably taken place*
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“Simon, my man.”
Simon started. All that was left of the moon was an eerie glow behind a grey cloud. He moved his head from side to side, attempting to find the source of the voice, but there was no one to be seen. Unease crept over him and he made to leave the place when gentle yet firm fingers touched his shoulders, massaging the knots away. He gasped at the pleasurable sensation. His head dropped forward. Someone kneeled behind him and his cock grew hard as he recognized the feminine body.


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Bear Heart 
(A Naughty Fairy Tale)
The Witches' Mischief Series 4

By day a bear, by night a man.

Half a century ago Simon Lancaster loved a woman. But when he committed a crime and was seduced by a witch his fate was sealed. Forced to live as a shifter by day and human by night, he becomes hopeless.

He believes there is nothing left in life for him. That is, until he meets Margaret O'Hare. An unconventional woman, Margaret makes him feel whole again, but he doesn't know if he can allow the walls he has erected around his heart to lower, no matter how much he grows to care for her.

As their time together has them becoming closer, he starts to trust and love again. But a happily ever after might not be in Simon's future as dark shadows emerge to destroy what he has built with Margaret.


  1. Lovely insight into the hero :-)

  2. Teasing little snippet. This has me wanting to discover more with him. Nicely done.

  3. I enjoyed the captured atmosphere of the moment. Nice snippet.
    Juneta at Writer's Gambit

  4. Oooh, who is behind him?

  5. Someone got his engine ready to go!!

  6. Perfect snippet. Tender, so touching and a bit scary and then. . .Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Charmaine! And you're right about the scary and then...

  7. Ah ha, things might be improving for him! Really enjoyed the excerpt, so tender and hopeful.

    1. Thanks Veronica! I'm not sure things are improving for him just yet...

  8. That's a nice surprise, but you're such a tease, Elyzabeth. :)

  9. Oh, she has a power over him, huh? Good snippet, ELyzabeth. Sort of mysterious. Nicely done!

  10. Love the description. Story sounds fab.

  11. That snippet sent shivers down my back. I really felt what was happening. Great stuff!


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