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#WednesdayBriefs: Myths, Secrets and Love - chapter 14

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As i was writing today's Brief I got to thinking and wondering if you guys would like to read some chapters from Arjä's point of view. This is mainly Rodric's quest, but she could offer a different perspective and at the back of my mind I have her own story going around in circles and asking for an outing. For a while, I even thought about sneaking in a chapter from Fergus's POV but I think I prefer for him to remain a mystery. Please let me know your thoughts. 

Anyway, on to today's brief! Rodric, if you remember from last week has just met the sexy yet young-looking Dragon Lord. He's not impressed, especially since the Dragon Lord is trying to get him to tell him what brought them into his lands and is not being very nice about it.  The last thing the Dragon Lord said and to what Rodric is answering at the beginning of this chapter was: “A man after my own heart, distrustful to the core. Isn’t it obvious, Captain Belavue?”

If you don't remember what happened last week, want to catch up, or reread everything just because, please click here. Otherwise, on you go! The prompt I used for this week is in bold. 

Myths, Secrets and Love 14

"No, it’s not apparent.” Rodric shook his head. Of course it was obvious, the Lord wanted something from him, though what, only he knew. The youngster chuckled.

“Playing the fool in a desperate attempt to get your head around things, are we not, Captain?”

The Lord stood from his seat and stretched, his toned muscles flexing. A shiver raced down Rodric’s spine as the man’s green eyes focused on him.

“Your options are limited, Captain. They are but two.” He lifted his hand, showing off two fingers with long nails. “Option number one is for you to tell me what brought you here. Option number two—“ Rodric gasped and stumbled back as before his eyes the man shifted. Green eyes turned into yellowish slits, sharp canines elongated and enormous red wings sprouted from the Lord’s back.

 “You become my next meal.”

Rodric fell to his knees as a claw touched his shoulder. He shook uncontrollably. Fear and awe mingling inside of him as the Dragon Lord’s word echoed in his head. Fergus’s face danced behind his lids. The memory of losing him forever came afore and squeezed at his heart. He would not succumb to the dragon, not without a fight. He hadn’t made it this far to fail now. He took in a deep breath and forced his eyes open.

The Dragon Lord stood before him in his human form, except for his yellowish eyes. Rodric grinned. A rebel youngster. Fuck. He knew better than to be fooled by appearances. The Dragon Lord crouched in front of him, grinning. He eased toward him, his lips barely a breadth away.

“Don’t be afraid, Captain.” The Lord’s sensual voice wrapped itself around him like a hypnotizing caress. “But don’t ever underestimate me and my kind.” He pressed his lips against his softly for a second before pulling back. “Tell me, what do you want from us?”

 “What guarantee do I have that if I tell you, you won’t eat me or Arjä?”

“Fuckan bistir.” The Dragon Lord moved back, chuckling under his breath. “I could have eaten you two seconds ago and I did not. Take that as you will.”

Rodric swallowed and slowly got to his feet. His chains rattled loudly. Standing to his full height he stared down at the Dragon Lord.

“Unchain me, give me back my clothes and I will tell you the reason for our visit.”

“Are you mad? You’re trying to bargain with me?”

“I’m simply trying to speak to you from one man to another. You are already in a position of superiority. I am in your territory. You’re stronger, larger, probably faster. You can do things I have never deemed possible. At least let me have my fucking clothes back."


A beautiful woman with long dark hair and dressed in a simple tunic that barely reached her highs, appeared at the door. She bowed her head in deference to the Lord.

“Wis ha, gavo ha bic ha cletho in bran ha bic fe danno.”


The woman turned to him and grinned. In one smooth movement she slipped off her tunic. Rodric’s jaw fell as she took a step toward him and shifted into a large black creature. With one snap of her jaws she took hold of his chains. He fell to his knees.

“Go with Geaglia, she’ll take good care of you.” The Dragon Lord burst out laughing as the she-dragon dragged him away from the chamber.

To be continued... 

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